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Pest infestation poses real problems which include physical damage to property and severe health issues which may be fatal. Some insects and rodents are known to cause and spread vector-borne-diseases such as rabies and West Nile virus. The risks pests present cannot be underestimated, and therefore, you must do everything to prevent infestation.

Good news is, there are many ways to prevent pest infestation. If you are a tenant trying to find out how best you can prevent pests from infesting your rental apartment, here are six ways to do so;

  1. Exterminate your rental apartment regularly.

Regular extermination of your apartment is one of the excellent ways to prevent pest infestation. You can spray outside and within your apartment, say, once every month if you live in a warm climate. You may skip exterminating during the winter months in case you live in cold climates.

Whenever you exterminate, remember to keep the kids and pets out of areas where the sprays may reach them. Consider hiring the most trusted pest control overland park has, which is professionally licensed to do the job for you – especially if your apartment is big.



  1. Seal any possible access points.

Sealing any potential passageways pests can use to get into your apartment will help prevent infestation. This involves doing regular inspections on the interior and exterior of your rental. On the outside, check for gaps around vents, pipes, and also look at the building’s foundation. Fix broken screens, windows, vent covers and fill any holes in the walls.

Inside the house, check for cracks and crevices and make sure they are sealed. Check your plumbing systems and seal around sewer lines, sill clocks, and any other openings. Check to see if there are any openings where conduits and wires come through floors, ceilings or floors. Use knitted copper mesh, steel wool or caulk to seal the openings.

While you can do some of this stuff yourself, it is often advisable that you hire pest management experts to do the job.

  1. Always keep the kitchen area clean

While it is also important to clean all other areas within and around your rental apartment, the kitchen area should always be kept clean. A dirty kitchen will not only attract pests such as mice, rats, and cockroaches, but it can also lead to a bacteria and microbe infestation.

Ensure that the countertops are always clean; free from any little food crumbs. Rinse the sinks and dry them to eliminate potential water sources for pests. Wipe appliances, mop the floors thoroughly, and if you cannot take out the trash every night, have a trash can with a tight-fitting lid.

  1. Manage your garbage properly

Have a good recycling program. Ensure that your recyclable containers are always in excellent condition (no holes or cracks) and clean. You may consider using metal bins as some pest can gnaw plastic and wood containers. Ensure that your garbage bins have tight-fitting lids to prevent pests from getting inside.

Store trash bins and dumpsters on asphalt or concrete surfaces away from your apartment (preferably more than three feet away). Ensure that you have enough trash receptacles so that garbage doesn’t overflow. Also, see to it that all your recyclables are regularly picked so that pests don’t get a steady breeding area and shelter.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary clutter

Remove any clutter within or outside your rental apartment. Get rid of any piles of wood or compost near your residence. Weed often and trim bushes and hedges around your home.

Do not keep unneeded papers or cardboards in the house. Avoid putting things like clothes or files under the bed or couch unless, of course, they are in a secure and pest-resistant container. Clutter may give pests a reliable shelter and breeding place.

  1. Eliminate any water or moisture issues immediately

This, of course, begins with getting rid of any stagnant water within or around your rental apartment. Stagnant water is a perfect breeding area for insects and other pests. Fix any leaking faucets and pipes to ensure mice, cockroaches, rats and other pests do not get a reliable water source. Make sure that all the downspouts and roof drains are free-flowing and the gutters are unclogged and clean.

According to Residential Leasing & Management, a landlord managing hundreds of homes, “basic activities like vacuuming your apartment often and washing the curtains and bed sheets frequently can also help prevent pest infestation.” Once in a while, for a complete prevention, you might consider getting professionals to treat the entire apartment. If your landlord does not have a pest prevention program in place, it would be prudent to do it yourself.

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