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At one time in the United States of America, bed bugs were nearly wiped off the map. Efforts to eradicate them were extremely successful and it wasn’t thought of as a major problem. Unfortunately only those who were in extreme poverty dealt with it on a regular basis. However, times have changed, and everyone should be aware.

Ease of Travel

Back in the day, people didn’t have the luxury of traveling across state and country lines like we do today. In some ways it was easier, but it definitely wasn’t something that common people did. It was simply too expensive. So when a bed bug infestation occurred, it typically happened in a particular geographic area and spread from town to town. The way it is now, a few bed bugs could be in Los Angeles, hitch a ride in some luggage, and be in New York just a few hours later. In this way they can spread quickly, and as anyone who has had bed bug issues can tell you, they are extremely yough to get rid of.

How to Know if You Have Bed Bugs

The first thing you need to know it what bed bugs look like. They are red-orange, ovular in shape, and very small. You can still see them with the human eye, though you definitely have to be paying attention. This is one reason they aren’t spotted quickly and are allowed to spread.

bed bug

What to Do

Now obviously we are a pest control company, so we would recommend calling us when you suspect there are bed bugs in your home. However, we will give you some tips to find them fast or avoid getting them altogether.

  • Keep your home or apartment clean and tidy. People who have lots of clothes, trash, and other items on all surfaces will have a hard time noticing tiny bed bugs.
  • Check all bags when you arrive home. Inspect your luggage after trips to make sure you’re not carrying any hitchhikers. If luggage sits around for a week when you arrive home, bed bugs will nestle into your home and start multiplying.
  • Wash clothing quickly after traveling. If you wash your clothes on a hot setting, bed bugs will die and there’s no issue. If you take off your clothing and it ends up on the floor or in a hamper, it gives these little critters plenty of time to take cover in your home.
  • Thoroughly check secondhand clothes and furniture, these are some of the ways bed bugs spread quickly.
  • Vacuum and clean your residence regularly
  • Install door sweeps and seal up cracks and crevices where they might enter your home


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