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Six Brothers Pest Control is called out to homes with all matter of pests. Some homeowners know how the pests got there. Others are surprised to see them and are bewildered as to how they arrived. Pests have ways of behaving that, most of the time, are predictable; other occasions have professional pest control companies scratching their heads.

Six Brothers Pest Control is very familiar with the pests that inhabit our area’s homes and businesses. Our staff has seen just about everything, but something new appears as soon as we say that.

Six Brothers Pest Control would like to give homeowners some tips on avoiding bringing pests home.

  • Pest can travel as easily as you do. This is especially common with any luggage. Take care with any backpacks, carry-on bags, computer bags, or large luggage. Pests frequently arrive after visits to third world countries. Keeping track of your luggage is nearly impossible on international flights. Does anyone know where your baggage goes after you see it put on the airplane? It could sit out on the tarmac in the sun, and some unknown insect is looking for a little relief. In your suitcase, it goes. Is your hotel on top of its pest control? An insect has ample opportunities to hitch a ride. Researchers believe this is how the bed bug dilemma arose.
  • Your son or daughter goes off to camp with a sleeping bag, back pack, and hiking boots. If tents are the housing, anything could crawl into sleeping bags. Are they going hiking? Take a good look for ticks and spiders. Make sure he or she scrapes off and washes off any dirt from their boots. Those boots could carry any number of eggs or larva just waiting to find a cozy spot to continue its life cycle.
  • Used furniture is another alternative entry into your home. Finding lice, fleas, bed bugs, or other miniature pests could be challenging to the unaided eye. If you must bring used furniture into your house, inspect it thoroughly, use a magnifying glass if you have to.
  • Pets and pests go hand in hand. It is difficult to determine where your dog or cat has been. How about the kennel, did a dog there have fleas? If you let your cat out at night, there is no telling what latched onto them. Does your cat frequently bring home dead mice? Perhaps one or two of those mice weren’t as lifeless as you imagined.
  • Let’s consider another source, you! Are your clothes carrying something unexpected? Maybe the little boy at your child’s preschool had lice, is your head itching yet? Keep in mind you would be just as guilty as anyone else if a pest appeared.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables could also be the culprit. When food is taken from the field, has it been inspected? Has anyone taken the time to wash it? Grocery stores find bugs in produce all the time; check your fresh food for any hitchhikers.

Six Brothers Pest Control is interested in how pests wound up in a home or business. It is our job to find out where they are lurking and remove them. When we first arrive at your home, we will ask what you have seen and where you think they are coming from. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect both the inside and outside of your home for clues. Once the pest has been established, where they are nesting is the next step. We will discuss with the homeowner what our techs have found and formulate a plan. Every home or business owner will understand the materials used to control pests and address any concerns. Six Brothers Pest Control wants to make sure your family or your staff feels comfortable. No one wants to worry about pests. With Six Brothers Pest Control, you won’t have to worry.