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We all thought bed bugs were a thing of the past.  We have all heard from our grandmothers, ‘Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.’  They were a problem back then, but DDT came along.

DDT killed a lot of things; one of those things was bed bugs.  When the naturalists discovered the damage DDT was causing; it was pulled from pest control inventories.

Scientists who study bed bugs tell us that even if DDT were available, it wouldn’t work.  Bed bugs are notorious for becoming immune or resistant to chemicals used on them.  DDT is one of them.

Six Brothers Pest Control in Henderson, NV, has seen the ups and downs of bed bug infestations.  One chemical will work for a while, but later it won’t.  It has become a ‘catch me if you can’ game.

Bed bugs use numerous avenues to find their way into homes and businesses.  Used furniture, fluffy cushions, or pillows are places bed bugs enjoy hiding.  The furniture may not even be yours.  Hotels, offices, and airports routinely buy gently used furniture.  Sitting down or even putting a purse or briefcase down allows bed bugs to hitch a ride.

Often, bed bugs will crawl into a suitcase or duffle bag when you stay at a hotel.  Even leaving clothing left on or in a bed offers the chance to get a free ride to your house.

Humans and animals don’t need the actual bed bug to start an infestation.  Bed Bug’s eggs are almost invisible.  Female bed bugs lay their eggs and leave them to fend for themselves.  Spotting a bed bug might be problematic, but finding their eggs is nearly impossible.

Pets, as well as people, can bring in bed bugs.  If your pet visits another home, bed bugs can be picked up.  Pet beds, sofas, and rugs are good places for these bugs to hide while waiting for their next mode of transportation.

Six Brothers Pest Control in Henderson, NV, must know a lot about bed bugs to get rid of them.  We continually monitor information about all the pests we are called upon to get rid of.  These bugs are tenacious and, for a bug, very stubborn.  The more we know about them, the better we can fight them.

Here are some disturbing facts about bed bugs.

  • Bed bugs can ingest seven times their weight in blood.
  • They will only feed on the living. Bed bugs aren’t like flies that aren’t picky about what they eat.
  • Bed bugs can endure freezing temperatures and can tolerate heat to up 120 degrees.
  • They can go weeks without eating.
  • Bed bug saliva contains an anesthetic. As they puncture the skin to get to the blood, their saliva numbs the skin.
  • They are exceedingly difficult to eliminate.
  • They are fast, as fast as 3 feet per minute
  • Bed Bugs only feed at night
  • They double their population in a little over two weeks.

Six Brothers Pest Control in Henderson, NV, is aware of all these ‘fun facts’ about bed bugs.  As research continues, we will know a lot more.

When you call our office and make an appointment with us, we will get as much information as possible.  That makes our visits prompt and effective.

We will make the home or business owner aware of what equipment and products we use.  During the visit, we will inform you if you need to leave the premises.

After our first treatment, we will set up a follow-up visit.  Bed bugs are tricky bugs; we want to make sure the bed bugs are gone.  Gone for good.

Six Brothers Control in Henderson, NV, is a family-owned and operated business.  We serve the community where we live.

We aren’t like the big pest control companies, franchises who must report to a corporate office.  We don’t have the big companies overhead either.  Most of their profits go for advertising and corporate fees.

All our profits go directly back into the business.  In other words, your money stays in your community.

Six Brothers Pest Control in Henderson, NV, wants to ensure that Henderson is a great place to live.  A healthy home is a happy home.  We can make that happen with our pest control services.