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Throughout the year, there are different spiders that you may encounter around your home in Orem, Utah. If you allow these spiders to stay at all, even if you just find one, then they will not leave. There are many spiders in the world, but some of the most common pests in Orem, Utah include:

Black Widows

You will be able to identify Black Widows due to the red hourglass that is on their underside. They do have a poisonous bite so it is a good idea to get someone out there to remove them as soon as they start to show up around your home. The good news is that they are not likely to bite unless you threaten them, but it is still a good idea to remove them as soon as possible.

Often the bites from these spiders are going to happen when you move wood on the property or when you are cleaning out a garage. This is because Black Widows like to build up their webs in these locations. If you do need to clean out these areas, you should wear thick gloves to make sure you do not get bitten and hurt in the process.

Cellar Spiders

These are often referred to as daddy long legs because they have a small body and extensive legs. They are known to live in dark and cool places including in your basement and in cellars. You may also find their webs in your garage, under eaves, sheds, and some of the other small spaces around your home. There are a few things that you can do to help prevent cellar spiders including:

  • Make sure that you seal up the windows and the doors of your home and garages.
  • Use some yellow light bulbs for anything outside the home. These spiders get attracted to white light.
  • Keep the basement tidy and clean, especially if it is not used well.

These spiders are not as harmful as some of the others and they often just bite their prey rather than humans, but it is still a good idea to remove them.

Crevice Weavers

You may also find some crevice weavers as well. They like to spend time in smaller places like eaves, porches, and crevices. People may mistake these for a brown recluse, but that type of spider does not reside in Utah. You will need a good pest control company to help you treat for these spiders. You should also clean out the crawl spaces and other small, dark places where these spiders like to hide. Sealing all windows and doors into your home will make it harder for these spiders to get inside.

Jumping Spiders

Another type of spider you may find around your home in Utah are the jumping spiders. These are very common in Utah and they are known for how small they are and how much they tend to jump. Jumping spiders often find their prey around windows because they have poor eyesight and see better when they have some sunlight. This means you are most likely to find their webs in the corner of a window. They do bite, but it is not venomous to humans. Often you can treat these by vacuuming up the spider along with their web. Then dispose of all the waste outside when done.

Wolf Spiders

The final type of spider that you will find in Utah is the Wolf Spider. These get their names from the way they catch their prey. While other spiders like to build up webs to catch the prey, this spider likes to hunt. They will stalk, run after, and then pounce on any prey they would like. The bite can be painful, but it is not venomous to humans. Some anti-itch cream is a good option if you do get bitten. They are most common in the fall as they try to move inside to stay warm. You may find them under stones and wood if they are outside.

All of these spiders are common when you live in Utah. Being prepared and having your home closed up so that the spiders can’t get in is a good place to start. If you do find any of these spiders inside your home, whether it is just one or more, then a pest control company is a great option to use. They can come scout out your home and garage and make sure the spiders are removed permanently.