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Pest Control Orem & Provo

Orem & Provo Common Pests


Ants have the ability to harbor and subsequently transfer pathogenic or toxigenic microorganisms to food prep surfaces.  There are more than one million ants to every person on earth.


When cockroaches travel throughout your home, they leave a path of urine, feces, and regurgitated saliva and digestive fluids.  Cockroaches carry disease and bacteria, such as strep, staph and salmonella and are an allergen source and asthma trigger.


The Black Widow is the 2nd most venomous spider in North America and a bite from a venomous spider can be fatal to children and the elderly.  They produce more than 5,000 eggs every summer.


Mice mark their territory by urinating and defecating in the area they want to maintainThe most common illness house mice are known to spread is salmonellosis. A female mouse can have up to 15 litters in one year.  

We want to help eliminate your pest problem reliably while keeping your family safe. You can trust us with your pest control in Orem & Provo.

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If pests return between your regularly scheduled visits just let us know and we will come back and re-treat your home at no additional cost.

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