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Henderson, NV is one of the best places to go when it is time to spend a fun family vacation with those who are closest to you. There are a lot of attractions no matter who would like to spend their time in this area, but families will find that coming back year after year is easy with all of the different options. Some of the different family activities that you can enjoy in Henderson, NV include:

Lion Habitat Ranch

Come visit the Lion Habitat Ranch. You will get a private look at all the animals, get to see a bunch of different lions, and have a chance to feed some of the lions as well. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is unique to the area and you will not regret taking some of the time to visit this area.

Clark County Heritage Museum

There are so many great things to look at while you are in this area. Some of the exhibits are there all the time and you will be able to see them each time you come to the museum. Others are on a limited timeframe and are special throughout the year. You can learn so much about the culture and history of Nevada along with some of history all the way back to the Ice Age, which is found in the Anna Robert Parks Exhibit Hall to name a few.

This is just one of the exhibits that is available and you will be able to have a lot of fun while you are there. You can choose a mining exhibit with mineral specimens, a ghost town, a nature trail, a pueblo from the ancient times, and even plenty to learn if you are into the railroad to name a few options.

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

This is a fun way to see thousands of migratory waterfowl and resident desert birds as well. There are nine ponds in this area for the birds, some that are surrounded by paved surfaces so you can get up close. When you visit, you will need to walk around quite a bit so make sure you add enough time to the visit to move around and make it to the right location. Sturdy shoes are a good idea and bring water and a hat if you come in the middle of summer. Binoculars will be valuable when you are in this area too.

Cowabunga Bay Water Park

Nothing is better than taking your children to a water park when you are in the area. This is a good way to cool down and have a lot of fun for the day. And this water park is designed to work well no matter what age your child is. You will be able to cool down while your children get a break from the heat and have some fun running around in the water as well. This is a good way to wear the kids out when you need a break during the day as well. Choose one area of the water park to have some fun or spread out and try out a few of them. Get a season pass to come back as often as you want.

Lake Las Vegas

Nothing is better than spending some time at the lake with your family and Lake Las Vegas is a good option to go with as well. Spend the whole day here enjoying fishing, swimming, and building sandcastles to name a few of the activities. There are some great shops and dining locations so you are able to find something that your children are sure to enjoy in no time.

Bowl of Fire

This is a great way to be outside and enjoy some time with your family. This is a hiking trail that is near Henderson, NV and has some unique features that your family will enjoy. The valley here has petrified wood, some cool rock formations that will capture the imagination of any child, and even some petroglyphs that are fun for everyone. It is a great drive to get to the area and is a lot of fun to spend the day at.

Henderson, NV has all of the great family activities that you need to make a memorable family vacation or to have some fun when you live in the area. Try out a few of these when you are looking for something fun to do, and make some great memories together.

Do You Live Near Henderson, NV?

These are attractions that attract residents and visitors alike. If you live in Henderson, NV, these are some fun ways to entertain your family and build memories together!

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