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Six Brothers Pest Control has a love for Springville, Utah. Our company plays an essential part in keeping the city healthy and in good working order. Six Brother’s Pest Control Service provides pest control for homes and businesses alike. We take a variety of approaches depending on the structure and the pest or pests we discover. In either case, we do everything to rid your living and working space of annoying and sometimes dangerous pests.

Springville, Utah, is named for the numerous freshwater springs that dot the area. It has also been named Utah’s ‘Art City.’ Springville enjoys a strong and varied collection of art cultures. Visual arts are the most prominent in the area.

Six Brother’s Pest Control enjoys the area and residents of Springville. Our staff would like your family and friends to enjoy some of the gifts this town enjoys.

  1. Springville Museum of Art: This museum is the oldest and most established art museum in Utah. History shows that Utah enthusiastically welcomed artists of all genres.  It didn’t take long before many paintings, sculptures, and drawings by Utah residents were donated to the museum. Each year are many traveling exhibits are shown and enjoyed.
  2. Spring Creek Canyon Trail: If there is one activity appreciated by many, it’s hiking. Spring Creek has a 5.3-mile trail and all levels of hiking experience are welcome. Trails allow visitors the chance to see wildlife at its best. As a bonus, dogs are allowed to use the trail with their owners.
  3. Wayne Bartholomew Family Park: For families who want to spend some time together, Bartholomew Park is the perfect place. Pack up a picnic basket and bring the swimsuits for an afternoon of fun and merriment. The lake is shallow; even little ones will have a good time.
  4. Loveland Living Planet Aquarium: This is one place parents don’t have to say ‘No.’ Just a short drive to Draper, and you will be in a nature wonderland. Hands-on exhibits are for little ones who want to touch everything. Shark Tanks, aquatic exhibits, and much more will dazzle everyone. This is a great place to visit on a rainy day. Kids will have a great time and even parents learn something.
  5. Fifth Water Hot Springs: This is a free place you don’t want to miss. The hiking is easy; hot springs are a delight. The trails and springs are best enjoyed from May – October. You will have to swim in your hiking gear because there is no place to change. Nevertheless, these natural springs area are a must see.

Six Brothers Pest Control has fun in all these places. However, our staff knows Springville has other interesting things to do.

  1. Duct Tape Regatta: This activity is different but, it’s a blast. As part of Springville Art City Days, a regatta (of sorts) is held in Bartholomew Park. Each team is given duct tape and cardboard and asked to make a boat and oars to carry team members across the lake. Dad finds this exciting and many times will take over the construction of the flotilla. A supreme event for spectators and participants alike.
  2. Nickelmaina: Not everything is a nickel but, the prices for all the games are fantastic. This arcade has everything a young teen would want. Bring your allowance and spend the afternoon.

Six Brother’s Pest Control knows there are plenty of pest control companies you could call. Unfortunately, many companies are franchises. With a franchise, every office has to conduct business by a manual. If a particular pest isn’t in the manual, they can’t treat it. Six Brothers Pest Control is family owned and operated. We don’t have the home office telling us how or what pest to treat. We know the area and the pests. Don’t waste your time on someone with a manual. Call Six Brother’s Pest Control and get it right the first time.