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Six Brothers Pest Control enjoys their occupation. Most folks who call us are irritated with whatever pests have invaded their home. The kids are a different story.

Children are naturally curious, and curiosity is a clean slate for them to learn. Six Brothers Pest Control looks forward to answering children’s questions. If Mom and Dad convince the kids, the pests in the house are bad, we want them to know that pests are good in the proper place.

Our staff has put together some interesting facts about pests for your curious kid’s enjoyment.

We have chosen five pests that are not ugly, scary, or mean they are just interesting.

  1. Jumping Spiders: Spiders can be scary if you don’t know what their real purpose is. Jumping Spiders are amazing and cute. If you get the chance to catch one, get a magnifying glass and take a look at his eyes. They are very captivating and almost charming. His face is covered with whiskers, and he looks more like a teddy bear than a spider. Those eyes are the best seeing eyes among spiders. They don’t use webs to catch their prey. They use their silk as the bungee jumpers do. When they jump, this bungee cord helps them pounce on their prey. These spiders are fast and agile, and their aim is spot on. Their real purpose is to eat smaller bugs, like mosquitoes.
  2. Ants: Ants always seem to show up when there is food around. They are nature’s garbage disposals. Ants clean up after everyone goes home. They outnumber every creature living. Scientists estimate there is 1 quadrillion, that’s 15 zeros, on the planet now. They even outnumber bacteria! Ants are responsible for returning organic material into the soil. They are the clean-up crew.
  3. Carpenter Ants: This ant species loves rotting wood. In the forest, when a tree falls, they are there to turn the tree back to the soil. Without them, the forest would have nothing but dead trees. They are good for nature but not good for homes. Most homes are built with wood. If that wood gets wet, the carpenter ants will think they have to turn it back to the soil. They can eat through beams, wood siding, and roofing material. If left on their own, they would eat your house. That’s when parents need to call Six Brother’s Pest Control; they will come and get rid of those ants.
  4. Wasps and Hornets: No one likes getting stung. If you make a wasp or hornet mad, that’s what she will do. These flying insects play an essential part in the earth’s ecosystems. They pollinate the flowers and plants in your garden and the forest. Engineers find their nests fascinating. The way a wasp or hornet’s nest is constructed, builders want to copy it.
  5. Cockroaches: OK, they are gross but, they are fascinating. Did you know a cockroach can live without a head for a week? Roaches have been around since the dinosaurs. A female cockroach mates once and can be pregnant her whole life. Yikes! Roaches can carry up to 33 types of bacteria and cause asthma attacks in children.

Six Brothers Pest Control techs are friendly and punctual. They will come to your home or business and investigate for pests. We will look inside your home or office to see where the pests are coming in and outside to determine where they are getting in. Once Six Brothers Pest Control staff has a plan in place, we will show you how you can keep the insects or rodents from coming back. Simple and easy changes that are of no cost to you. Moving dumpsters away from the building. Emptying wastebaskets more often and keeping pet food off the floor.

And, if the kids have questions, we will be happy to answer them.