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Six Brothers Pest Control  has made it their mission to get to know every pest we treat.   Regardless of the number of legs four, six, or eight, we need questions answered. What do they need to live?  What do they eat?  How much heat or cold can they tolerate?  How quickly do they reproduce?

This is a case of ‘Know Your Enemy’.  Six Brothers Pest Control  can’t conquer what they don’t understand.

That being said, here are a few things Six Brothers Pest Control  have discovered.

Ants: To set up a nest and begin tending to eggs and larva; ants need a damp dark area with access to food.  As far as food is concerned, ants aren’t fussy.  They will eat crumbs dropped from a kitchen table or take advantage of a dead animal to feed their young.  Nature uses them as clean up crews for anything left behind.  Ants are one of the very few insects that care for their young from egg to adult.

Cockroaches:  These insects are the most adaptable creatures on earth.  They can go for several weeks without food or water.  Cockroaches are omnivores, they eat both plants and animals; or anything made from either.  They will eat books, cardboard boxes, dead animals, or whatever they come across.  They need water but, not a lot.  Cockroaches will find a damp area to lay their eggs.  Roaches give off a musty smell which they try to hide.  Because of this odor, they will lay their eggs in or on something that will absorb the smell.  Clothing is a popular place along with damp crevasses and rotting wood.

Spiders: With eight legs and eight eyes spiders are the creatures in nightmares.  Many folks see it as a spider and want to step on it, not so fast.  Spiders are beneficial for people and nature.  They eat the insects that we don’t want in the house.  What spiders need to survive is for humans to leave them alone.  Most spiders need a web to catch their food, some don’t.  Spiders will eat bugs that fly into their webs.  Larger spiders, like tarantulas, will eat small lizards and sometimes other tarantulas, whatever they can catch.  One interesting side note, spiders do need water to exist.  Strange as it may seem, like every other living thing they need water to survive.

Mosquitos: This is one of the few insects that need water and lots of it.  Mosquitos lay their eggs in water, the eggs hatch into larva in water, the larva grows into a pupa in water, and finally, the adult emerges from the water.  Unfortunately, mammals, meaning humans are their food.  They exist because we are their prey. The only shelter they need is from the cold in the winter.  They will hide under leaves for protection in the winter months.

Bed Bugs: This is another insect needing humans to exist.  They do not drink water, the water they need comes from the blood they drink.  For shelter, they use our beds and furniture during the day and become active at night.  It can be unnerving for many of us to admit we are food for another species.

Six Brothers Pest Control  can answer the question: What do insects need to survive.  They aren’t much different than any other living thing.  Food, water, shelter, and humankind is all they need.  Ants, cockroaches, mice, mosquitos, and bed bugs all depend on us for existence. In a way, spiders need us too.  If it wasn’t for people leaving food around there wouldn’t be ants and cockroaches to eat.

Insects need us just as much as we need them.  Six Brothers Pest Control  only takes care of pests in and around your home or office.  All others we leave alone.