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Pest Control Springville Utah

Keeping your home safe is a top priority. That’s why keeping it free of pests requires careful consideration. At Six Brothers, we offer are committed to helping our clients in Springville find a one-stop-shop that can address all their pest control needs. In this article, we are going to talk about what pests are, the types of pests normally found in both commercial and residential settings, and how we can help you deal with them.

What is a pest?

Commonly, nasty images of insects and rodents come to mind when thinking about the word “pest.” Indeed, pests can be bugs and critters of all shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, a pest is any type of animal or plant that has a detrimental effect on people, their living, and sanitary conditions, as well as food and water sources. As such, pests represent any unwanted creatures in your home.

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and the US Department of Agriculture consider pests to be organisms that could be harmful to human life, agriculture, and water sources. As such, pests are an important part of public health and safety. As such, they are no laughing matter.

The Utah Department of Health recommends hiring a professionally licensed Springville pest control contractor to deal with infestations. At Six Brothers Pest Control, we are duly licensed to deal with our clients’ needs in the Springville, Utah area. We believe in addressing pest infestations from the root cause. Then, we aim to provide close follow-up inspections to ensure that pests are not coming back.

Our services begin with an inspection and estimate regarding the specific type of treatment needed. Then, we use procedures that protect the home and wellbeing of our clients. That way, we can address the problem effectively without harming our clients or their pets. Then, we conduct routine inspections to make sure the job is done right, the first time.

    Types of Pests In Springville Utah

    In general terms, a pest is any creature that is harmful to humans and their living conditions. However, this definition is quite broad. As such, it’s worth naming specific creatures that fall under the pest category.

    • Spiders: Their bites can hurt, some spiders can be poisonous and could be fatal, especially if the person bit had a pre-existing condition.  Some people are scared of spiders and just want them gone.  No one wants to have a black widow in their garage.
    • Bed Bugs. Though to be eradicated in the United States, these bugs have reemerged. They are known to cause skin rashes and irritation.
    • Cockroaches. These insects are known to spread allergies and cause food contamination.
    • Mosquitoes. By far, mosquitos are a serious threat. They spread diseases such as Zika, Yellow, and Dengue Fever, as well as encephalitis.
    • Rats and Mice. Aside from spreading various diseases, these pests cause food and water contamination.
    • Ticks. Ticks transmit Lyme diseases, ehrlichiosis, and “Rocky Mountain” fever. They are commonly found in pets.
    • Ants:  If you see one ant in your kitchen, it is a scout ant looking food to tell the rest of his buddies about. Ants love getting into your food and eating it.
    • Other. There are several other general pest like box elder bug, silverfish, earwig and more. 

    At Six Brothers, we are fully prepared to deal with any of these nasty critters. We have the equipment, materials, and know-how needed to deal with any of the pests found in residential and commercial settings. Our expertise has enabled us to meet our clients’ expectations while ensuring compliance with state regulations.


    Pest Control Done Right

    Hiring a Springville pest control professional is no easy task. After all, not all pest control companies are created equal. That’s why it’s important to do your research before making a decision. However, time may not be on your side, especially during a serious infestation. Additionally, the Utah Department of Health makes the following recommendations:

    • Ensure that the company or professional is duly licensed. They should be licensed with the State, while also belonging to other organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.
    • Make sure the expert explains their specialties. Not all pest control experts have the training and know-how to deal with all types of pests.
    • Get a no-obligation assessment or quote. Reputable companies won’t hold obligate you to hire their services but may put a time limit on their quote.
    • Ensure that the expert has explained the entire process and the types of pesticides that they will use in your home.
    • Verify that the expert will provide you with a written or emailed report describing the types of pests found, the extermination process, and the types of chemicals and pesticides used in the extermination process.

    On the whole, Six Brothers Pest Control aims to provide a quality level of service. As such, our service pros are kind, polite, and respectful. They will always be open and willing to share information about our company. Most of all, you can expect them to reassure you by answering all of the questions you may have.


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    Residential Pest Control Springville, Utah

    Pest Control Springville UTUtah has a varied climate throughout the year. Bugs that may lay dormant during winter can come out in droves during spring and summer. That’s why we focus on addressing infestation threats during spring and summer, thereby ensuring there are no threats during winter. Our services center on the outside in.

    Once we assess the outside situation such as in a backyard or front lawn, we can take steps to avoid bugs getting inside. Since pests go indoors to seek food and shelter, our expertise allows us to spot the places bugs like to nest. We not only take care of these nests, but we also focus on keeping pests from forming future ones.

    After addressing nests, we lay down a chemical coat around the property to ensure that pests won’t be coming back. This chemical is toxic to pests but safe for humans and pets. That way, we can ensure year-round protection, especially keeping pests from nesting during the winter months.

    Commercial Pest Control Springville Utah

    We understand how important pest control is in commercial properties. From retail to restaurants, commercial areas are subject to frequent inspection from city and state officials. Plus, in times of increased sanitary demands, full compliance with regulations is of the utmost importance.

    At Six Brothers, we take commercial pest control extremely seriously. We conduct a thorough inspection of the area. Then, we assess the types of pests and the ways we can treat them. The aim is to combine effectiveness with discretion. That’s why we conduct after-hours interventions while ensuring we use the right chemicals to avoid reactions in sensitive clients.

    Once we complete the interventions, we conduct a close follow-up to make sure that pests do not return. This guarantees that our clients remain compliant with regulations while offering a high degree of post-sales service. Our main focus is to do what’s in our clients’ best interest.

    Why Six Brothers Is the Best Pest Control Option in Springville

    At Six Brothers, we believe that prevention is the best thing you can do to stop pests. That’s why we believe that educating yourself will help you stop pests from invading your home. The safety and wellbeing of you and your family is our priority. That’s why we strive to become the go-to pest control company in Utah.

    Our work ethic is based on building trust in our clients. We strive to provide effective solutions that can address our clients’ true needs. We handle each client on a case-by-case basis. We are fully aware that every client has different needs. That’s why we work hard to provide the right solution for every situation. This is why our customers keep recommending us throughout the Springville, Utah area, and beyond.

    We are committed to providing a level of service that our competitors will find very hard to match. Please reach out today to schedule an inspection. We will be happy to assess your current situation while ensuring that we have the right approach to eradicate pests right from the start. Contact us today at 801-428-8389 or email at One of our qualified staff members will take provide you with the information you need. We are ready to help you take back control of your home and business.  Let us be your local Springville pest control professional!

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