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One of the most feared pests in every household is spiders, and some people even have phobias. Moreover, if you get bitten by the wrong variety of spiders, you might even develop infections and, in severe cases, end up in a hospital. As predators, spiders are quite skilled because of their ability to spin webs and trap other insects. If you are seeing spiders give Six Brothers Pest Control a call today!

Types of Spiders Found in Orem, Utah

Here is a list of some of the common spiders found in Orem, Utah –

  • Jumping Spider – These types of spiders are usually harmless and are found throughout Utah. Like the name of this spider suggests, it is known for its jumping skills. Spiders are creepy just the way they are, but the additional factor that they can jump and get on you can scare a lot of people even more.
  • Hobo Spider – Their big pedipalps and light brown body are what will help you identify them. Another special characteristic of these spiders is that they can build webs in the shape of funnels. Previously, these spiders were considered to be dangerous. But now, it has been found that they are not even though they can bite humans. You have to keep in mind that even though a hobo spider’s bite is not poisonous, it is quite painful.
  • Woodlouse Spider – These spiders are prevalent in Utah, and they can be identified at once because of their red-colored bodies. The vibrancy of this red color makes the spider looks scary. The spider preys on other insects with its sharp fangs, mostly predating on the potato bugs. They usually do not harm humans, but it can be very painful if you get a bite.
  • Wolf Spider – These spiders are very quick in movement, and they somewhat resemble the tarantula. If you come near these spiders, they will bite you. The bite of these spiders take a long time to heal and are painful. But they are not poisonous. They also have enormous fangs, and so, if you get a bite, you will also get a mark on your skin.
  • Black Widow Spider – These spiders are very dangerous and are feared by everyone. Moreover, these spiders are considered to be one of the most venomous varieties in North America. And this is not because their bite is painful, but it can also cause death. If you get a bit from the black widow spider, some of the common symptoms that you will have are vomiting, fever, dizziness, high blood pressure, headache, muscle pain, and so on. Usually, these spiders are mostly present outdoors but whent the temperatures start dropping; they come indoors to seek shelter. In case you notice these spiders on your property, do not take any chances and call Six Brothers Pest Control services at once.
  • Yellow Sac Spider – You will find them in almost every corner of Utah, and you will find them in the corner of ceilings and walls. Their characteristic feature is the sac-like webs that they spin. If these spiders get into your clothing or shoes (which they often do), they will bite you. The bite causes inflammation and pain, and some other symptoms are oozing and redness.
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Signs of a Spider Infestation

Spiders usually prefer the secluded and dark areas of your home and garden. A spider infestation in the house means that you are more likely to get bitten by a spider. Even though some spiders are not poisonous or deadly, there are others whose one bite can land you in a hospital. So, the best thing to do is call for professional help when you notice signs of a spider infestation. The signs that you should look out for are –

  • Keep an eye out for spider webs. The webs differ from one spider to another, but they will spin webs if there are spiders in your house. Some spider webs are funnel-shaped, while others are orb-shaped. But there are other species, especially the black widow spider, whose webs do not have any symmetrical or geometrical shapes at all. They are usually messy and tucked away in hidden areas to trap insects.
  • There are certain varieties of spiders that prefer to live in damp and moist environments. So, you should check sheds, walls, basements, and other such areas.
  • Every spider has its own characteristic feature. Some of them live in webs, while there are others that live in burrows. On the other hand, there are spiders that live in crevices, and others are free-ranging.
  • You should also check your storage boxes, closets, ceilings, the junction of two walls, and attics because these are some of the common places for spiders to reside and make webs.
  • Spiders will take shelter in your home if they find plenty of prey in the form of woodlice, flies, ants, and other spiders.

At Six Brothers Pest Control services, we offer expert help for spider control in Orem, Utah. We also help in the right identification of the spider species and then control the infestation. We also provide you with useful advice that will prevent the infestation from returning. A thorough professional inspection is the only way to handle a spider infestation and prevent it from going out of your hands.

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