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Six Brothers Pest Control is part of a delightful community, Washington, Utah. Our business considers itself an important player in the health and well-being of our community.

Washington, Utah is a wonderful locality, it has several common spiders, and sadly some of them are dangerous. Our staff is unusual in the area: no one is afraid of spiders.  Six Brother’s Pest Control is committed to informing home and business owners about these spiders’ dangers. Suppose you see any of these spiders in your home or office.   Give Six Brother’s Pest Control a call.

Each year a little over 2,000 people are bitten by black widow spiders. Fortunately, no one has died from a black widow bite since 1983.

Below are some common spiders to the Washington, Utah area.

  • Black Widows: These spiders have gotten a rather bad rap throughout the years. They are called widows because they eat the males immediately after mating. You can always recognize them by their glossy black color and the telltale red hourglass figure on its abdomen. They like to hide in dark places and, for the most part, don’t want any trouble. They will bite if provoked or surprised. Although the bite of a black widow is rarely deadly, it can make you sick. If you are bitten, wash it with soap and water and call your health professional.
  • Wolf Spiders: Many people in the Western United States mistake a Wolf Spider for a tarantula. They are solitary creatures, hunting alone and will hide first if they feel threatened. Wolf Spiders do not build webs to catch their prey. They are fast, limber and have lightning speed. They do bite but don’t have venom. If you are bitten, keep the injury clean to avoid infection.
  • Jumping Spiders:  If given a chance to look closely at a jumping spider, his eyes are big and captivating. These spiders are harmless to humans and have incredible jumping ability. These little guys can jump 50 times their own length. When they jump, they produce a silk dragline, which allows the spider to have a soft landing. Jumping spiders do not build webs. They only use their silk for jumping. They are so fast and agile they can catch their prey from a considerable distance.
  • Woodlouse Spiders: This spider is attracted to damp places.  Why, because what he eats is attracted to damp places. These spiders do bite but, no venom. If you are bitten, you could easily mistake it for a mosquito bite. Their favorite snack is a pill-bug or roly-polys.
  • Hobo Spiders: This spider looks like every other spider. Boring. This is another spider that bites, but no venom. He is called a hobo by virtue of his ability to hitch rides from place to place. These spiders were introduced on the Eastern Seaboard during the depression. They have made their way across the United States on and in every type of moving object.

If you see an infestation of any pest, call Six Brother’s Pest Control. An infestation can be dangerous to your family or your employees. Our staff has been working with pests for quite a while, and not much surprises them. They aren’t frightened of any pest.

Six Brother’s Pest Control will come when you call us, and we will arrive at a convenient time for you. Our techs will chat with you about the places you have seen the pests and will inspect your home for any clues. Outside our staff will check for cracks in the siding or brickwork. They will examine the windows and doors for possible entryways into your home. After a thorough assessment of the premises, our staff will discuss a plan of action. We will carefully administer the material needed to rid your home of pests. Our techs will give you tips on how to keep those pests from coming back. See a Pest? Call Six Brother’s Pest Control.