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Pest Control Washington Utah

Nestled in the far southwest corner of Utah sits a little town called Washington.  Named after George Washington himself, this small municipality stands with pride as ‘Utah’s Dixie.’

In the early 1860’s Washington was settled by Mormon pioneers (known today as Latter-Day Saints) as a cotton mission.  The cotton was grown and milled in the same area.

As the Civil War came to a close, Washington and the rest of Utah started to grow.  It grew slowly at first.  The United States Census in 2000 reported the town and county of Washington was a mere 8,100 residence.  By 2010 the population had grown exponentially to nearly 19,000 people. Today, Washington is no longer little.  Estimates suggest by the end of 2021, the number of people will have nearly doubled from 2010.

The locals say it’s a nice quiet place to raise children.  Apparently, pests think so too.  Pest Control in Washington, Utah the Six Brother’s Pest Control Company knows friendly little towns are not immune to four, six, and eight-legged visitors.


Residential Pest Control Washington Utah

Although we thoroughly treat the inside and outside of your business, relentless pests will most likely try to return. So, a lay an invisible chemical barrier around your property.

This barrier is also a critical part of our residential treatments. Since pests travel from the outside to the inside, it’s imperative to keep them outside. To keep this barrier strong, we usually recommend monthly or quarterly repeat treatments.

As for the initial treatment of your home, we focus on three areas. When we treat the outside, we focus on likely nesting areas. Our experience enables us to spot these pest gathering places, even though they are usually well hidden. We also focus on pest entryways. Even a rather large rat can slip through an opening no bigger than a quarter. Many bugs need less than the width of a fingernail. On the inside, we focus on closets and other dark, sheltered places.

Six Brother’s Pest Control is the best pest control in Washington, UT.  This company can handle just about any curve ball Mother Nature can pitch to this friendly little town.  Let’s take a look at all the nuisances our pest experts can get rid of.

Rodents: Every place on earth has trouble with rodents.  Mice, rats, squirrels, gophers, and especially in the west, prairie dogs are all unwanted guests.  Mice are probably the most prevalent.  They chew up anything to make a nest for their young.  Mice blatantly leave their dropping on countertops, floors, basements, kitchens; you get the idea.  They make no effort to hide their presence in our homes.  Fall is a favorite time for mice to find a safe, warm, and dry spot. Their collapsible skeletal design makes them ideal for crawling into tight spaces.  If there is any hole in an attic, downspout, or electrical wire openings, mice will take advantage of it.  Rats carry disease, and they carry rabies.  The worst trait about them is they are smart.  If they know where garbage cans are kept or thrown, they are sure to appear frequently.  Six Brother’s Pest Control is the best Washington Pest Control business around.

Spiders, Tarantulas, and Scorpions:  Unlike mice and other rodents, arachnids are the creatures of nightmares.  They are most active at night, and unlike rodents, they do not let their presence be known.  Arachnids are quiet, and they are venomous.  The scientific world knows a lot about each of these species.  Some of it is good but, most of it is not.  Black widows are venomous but, their bite is seldom lethal.  They build webs and will not bite unless they feel threatened.  It has been found that these spiders, more often than not, strike with a ‘dry bite.’  It is akin to a warning shot.  No venom is expelled with a dry bite.  No one has died from a bite in about 30 years.  Somehow that isn’t very comforting.  Tarantulas have a painful bite, but their venom isn’t powerful.  The CDC still recommends medical attention for a bite.  Now for the scary stuff.  When homeowners are glad, they have Washington Pest Control to take care of our next pest.  Scorpions have and will kill people.  They are most active at night, and it is highly recommended that if anyone in your family is stung, seek medical attention immediately.  The most vulnerable to these bites and stings are the elderly and small children.  If anyone in the household fits those descriptions, talk to Washington Pest Control experts, 6 Brothers Pest Control.

Bedbugs: Humankind thought these ravenous creatures have been ‘put to bed,’ pun intended, a long time ago.  In the last fifty years, bed bugs were nearly eradicated with DDT.  During those fifty years, naturalists, scientists, and researchers unearthed the dangerous effects of this chemical on the environment and humans.  In the ’70s, the government outlawed DDT.  With the onset of worldwide travel and the general unawareness of infestation and spread, the bed bug population exploded.  Today they are one of the most hated insects on the planet.  Homeowners have tried do-it-yourself remedies, for the most part, offered temporary fixes.  Much like a termite inspection, inspections of real estate are becoming highly recommended when bed bugs are suspected.  This is when you need professional Pest Control in Washington, UT.  Six Brothers Pest Control has proven methods of ridding your property of bed bugs.  They will confirm the bugs’ presence, prescribe the best treatment, and remove the adult insects, eggs, and larvae.  These pests can be difficult to eliminate, and repeated treatments may be necessary.  Bed bugs have no redeeming value to society.  Show them they are not needed or welcome in your home.

Wasps and Hornets:  Unlike spiders and scorpions, wasps and hornets have one advantage, they can fly.  As a general rule, unless someone is disturbing a nest of wasps, these insects will mind their own business.  They build these delicate structures in what they see as protected areas.  Wasps and hornets don’t like a lot of light, so they build their nests in places that offer some protection from the sun and other elements.  Under eaves, in garages, door openings, and in shady trees are their favorite haunts.  Wasps species aren’t that different from humans.  The nests they build are places to raise their young.  Most humans, thinking their home was being invaded, would do anything to deter the intruder from hurting their family. Wasps and hornets have one advantage over human beings; they carry their weapons with them.  Most adults see a wasp’s sting is painful and something to be watched for adverse effects.  Many of us know if we are allergic to a sting and take appropriate measures.  Children, on the other hand, may not know if they are allergic.  Death caused by a wasp’s sting is rare; however, it is recommended by Washington Pest Control companies to get rid of the nests as a just in case situation.  Many folks will try a do-it-yourself approach with either a spray or lighting the nest on fire.  The spray method might work but, missing one or two wasps that happen to get away could turn ugly in a hurry.  The same goes for lighting the nest on fire.  Sure, you may not need a pest removal service, but you might need the fire department instead. The choice is yours.

Ants and Roaches: These two insects have been around since the dawn of time and, they’re not going away anytime soon.  Many times, a store-bought insecticide will take care of a problem temporarily.  But these two groups especially, have developed immunities to all kinds of chemicals.  They may return in short order.

Some disturbing facts about cockroaches:

  • They can go without food for over a month.
  • They have developed a taste for alcohol. Bars and pubs that are not kept clean may have roach feces in their hard liquor bottles or taps of beer.
  • They will eat almost anything.
  • Given the proper conditions, a cockroach can live up to two years.
  • Roaches spread disease.
  • Scientist says roaches are one of the most adaptable insects on earth.
  • Roaches will eat anything.

Facts about ants:

  • Carpenter ants do not eat wood but will do as much damage as termites.
  • Harvester ants will sting, but they prefer being outdoors.
  • Ants can spread disease.


Washington Utah Commercial Pest Control

Washington has grown exponentially recently, but it is still a relatively small town. Businesses in smaller towns usually cannot rely on a high volume of foot traffic. Instead, they rely on relationships to survive and thrive. As a result, pest control is even more important. If customers see even one bug, they will usually go somewhere else. If that happens, they usually never come back.

A single pest can be even more devastating for a food service business. If customers post a picture on Instagram, which they will probably do, regulators come knocking.

Although we thoroughly treat the inside and outside of your business, relentless pests will most likely try to return. So, a lay an invisible chemical barrier around your property.

Why Choose Us

On a related note, we are a locally owned and operated company. We do not answer to a home office in a faraway place or a large group of faceless shareholders. Instead, we answer only to you.

We might be a local company, but we have the same resources as the big guys. Therefore, no problem is too big for us. When you reach out to us, we do not refer your problem to someone else. We address it ourselves. At the same time, we are in touch with our small-town roots. We still believe in old-fashioned values, like hard work, commitment to customer satisfaction, and open communication.

Speaking of hard work, we are one of the few pest control companies in Washington County which offers a dual guarantee. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our methods as well as our results. If for some reason we come up short in either area, we do not make excuses. We make things right.



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