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Six Brothers Pest Control many times can spot pest problems before they start. Bug population increases are noticeable when our area gets heavy rains followed by hot weather. Two conditions must be present for insects to be at their highest activity. The first one is heat, and the second is water.

Have you ever been to a picnic on a warm day and the flies are all over the food? Gnats are swarming around your body. If that picnic were held on a chilly day, those flies and gnats would be much less active.

Insects, by their very nature, don’t do well in cooler weather. Bees do less pollinating, and grasshoppers are tough to come by.

This is especially true with mosquitos. As the weather cools down, fewer mammals are bitten. Humankind as mammals welcome the cooler weather when outside. Cooler weather means more fun without worrying about mosquitos.

Heavy rains and hot weather spell egg-laying season for mosquitos. If you have ever hiked near a marshy or swampy area on a warm day, insects are out in force. Everything those bugs need is there; warm air and still water.

Mother Nature put the marshes and swamps there to support life of all kinds. It is not up to people to decide what bodies of water stay and which ones go. However, humankind can control what goes on in their world.

Still, water attracts mosquitos for many reasons. All living things need water, and in the case of mosquitos, they use it to support their young. A mosquito spends the first three stages of life in water. Females lay their eggs in water, and those eggs hatch in water. The egg develops into a larva. The larva goes through several transformations until a pupa emerges and starts to grow.

When the pupa is ready, it materializes as a full-grown blood sucking mosquito. Remove the still water, and you get rid of the mosquitos.

This is where Six Brother’s Pest Control comes in to prevent the spread of mosquitos. We have methods of safely and effectively getting rid of mosquitos from your yard and around your home.

Six Brother’s Pest Control has some suggestions a home or business owner can do to prevent the mosquitos from emerging in the first place.

  • After a heavy rain, if your yard or property puddles, get those low areas filled in and leveled off.
  • Put lids on your trash cans and dumpsters to prevent water from accumulating at the bottom.
  • Pick up any trash that might be catching water. Any cans or cups can be an invitation to start an egg-laying frenzy.
  • Get rid of old tires or any yard equipment that can collect water.
  • Do your children have toys out in the elements that could collect water? Dump out the water and put the toys in a protected area with a roof.
  • If you own a boat, even a canoe, store it upside down.
  • Change the water in birdbaths and baby pools frequently.
  • Leave the dragonflies alone; they eat mosquito eggs.
  • If you have a pond in your yard, if it is deep enough, add Gambusia. These fish eat every stage of a mosquito.

Six Brother’s Pest Control can be called upon to take care of just about any pests. They will come to your home or office and speak with you about the problems you have. Then our technicians will evaluate your home both inside and out and give you our recommendations. We will start by explaining how we will treat the pest and what equipment we will be using. Six Brother’s Pest Control has a goal of keeping our area free from mosquitos. Call us; we will be happy to help.