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At the end of summer and throughout early fall, the fly population is at its peak. Not only are flies a big nuisance, but they also spread germs and can contaminate food. If it seems that you are doing everything possible to get rid of flies but are seeing no relief, maybe it is time to take a different approach to the problem. Could it be that you are inadvertently attracting flies? If you are desperate for some Kansas City fly control, take a look at what attracts these common fly species and some solutions for getting rid of them.



Common Fly Species and What Attracts Them

There are over 100,000 different species of flies in the world. Some flies are especially difficult to deal with because they have adapted to living and breeding inside buildings, including our homes. Here are some of the most common types and what they are looking for in terms of food and breeding grounds.

House Flies

House flies are the most common type of nuisance fly in the Kansas City area. House flies are attracted by all kinds of food odors, especially decaying sugars, carbs, fats, and proteins. House flies like to breed in rotting food, as well as feces.

Fruit Flies

As the name suggests, fruit flies are prevalent around rotting fruits, vegetables, and other types of fermenting sugars. Decomposing garden waste or spoiled, overly ripe foods in the house can cause large numbers of fruit flies to congregate. They also are attracted to sweet drinks, drains, and garbage.

Drain flies

Drain flies, also known as sewer flies, are attracted to organic waste from rotting food. This type of waste is commonly found in drains where a “biofilm” has been created. This is where drain flies like to lay their eggs. Other common places that attract drain flies are sewers, compost piles, and septic tanks.

Blow flies

Blow flies live and breed around dead and rotting animals. Dead rodents or birds in your yard may be attracting blow flies. Unfortunately, blow flies may also be attracted to your kitchen if you have rotting meat in your home or garbage cans. 

Fly Prevention Strategies

Now that you know the main things that attract flies, you can set out to prevent flies from entering your home. Try some of these tips and tricks.

  • Store food properly by putting it in the refrigerator or in sealed containers.
  • Clean your home regularly. Wipe up spills immediately, sweep up crumbs after meals, and wash the dishes as soon as possible.
  • Take out the garbage often and make sure that your garbage cans have tight fitting lids.
  • Do not keep rotting or overripe fruits or vegetables around your home or yard.
  • Clean up pet feces from your yard
  • Seal the exterior of your home to prevent entry. Make sure windows have screens, the weather-stripping is intact around doors and windows, and cracks and gaps are sealed.
  • Keep your lawn and yard neatly trimmed and decluttered.
  • Hire a professional pest control company to help with monitoring, baiting, and extermination efforts.

As you know, keeping your home clean can mean a huge difference in insect, spider, and rodent activity. If it’s too time-consuming to regularly clean, try using a house cleaning company; they’ll be able to take the time to tidy up and ensure that surfaces are clean. This can dramatically lower the chances that pests will enter your home.

Kansas City Fly Control

If you are in need of help controlling flies in the Kansas City area, Six Brothers Pest Control is your best bet. Our team of experts can assist you with any of your pest control problems. We offer great prices, excellent service, and a satisfaction guarantee. Contact Six Brothers Pest Control today.

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