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Six Brothers Pest Control, every year, takes a hard look at the mosquito population in and around Henderson. We look at these reports to uncover anything new about mosquitoes, what diseases they are carrying, and if our area highly suspect of an influx of insects. Six Brother’s Pest Control considers Henderson to be our home. We also believe we must keep this city free from pests and the diseases they bring with them. Mosquitoes are the deadliest species on earth. In any given year, they kill more than 700,000 people. They are prolific killers.

Six Brother’s Pest Control wants Henderson’s citizens to know some of the diseases mosquitoes carry.

  • West Nile Virus: Most of the time, when people get the virus, the symptoms are mild. Headaches, nausea, body aches, and fever, are common. Most think they have the flu. Symptoms generally disappear within a few days to two weeks. Death is rare.
  • Dengue Virus:  After just one bite from a mosquito, this virus can damage blood vessels and cause hemorrhagic fever. Bleeding from the nose, gums, and difficulty breathing are all symptoms. This disease affects 100,000 people, per year, with 20 percent being children.
  • Equine Encephalitis: This virus causes severe headaches, nausea; there will be an onset of seizures and coma, usually ending in death. About a third who contract this virus will die, for those who survive many will have mild to severe brain damage. Those less than 15 and those older than 50 are most at risk.         
  •  Zika Virus: The name of the virus comes from a forest named Zika in Uganda, where it was discovered. Most people who are affected by this virus have mild if any symptoms.

Fever, rash, general aches, and pains are common with Zika. The real danger is for those women who are pregnant. It causes severe brain damage in newborn babies and miscarriages or preterm births.

  • Chikungunya: Humankind is fortunate that this virus hasn’t killed anyone; however, those with underlying illness may die from complications of the disease and not the virus. The usual flu-like symptoms will occur within a week of being bitten.

Six Brothers Pest Control would like to make a few suggestions to keep the mosquito population down with all these scary viruses. Prevention is the first line of defense.

  • Take away the places where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Still and standing water are ideal conditions for setting up a nursery. If you have low lying areas in your yard, fill them in. Change birdbaths 2 or 3 times a week. Cover trash cans and dumpsters tightly, prohibiting rainwater from collecting in the bottom. Do you have children’s toys in the yard that might be collecting rainwater? How much trash is in your yard? Any cans with water are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  • Is there standing water in your house? Repair any leaky plumbing. Good places to start are under the kitchen sink and in the bathroom.

Six Brothers Pest Control knows keeping your family healthy and safe is your first and most important priority. We take pride in knowing we are your first line of defense against disease and virus-carrying pests.

If you see or even suspect that pests have invaded your home or business, give Six Brothers Pest Control a call. We will come to your location and inspect your home or office inside and out. We will create a strategy for getting rid of your pests. Our techs will explain how we will proceed and what tools we will use. If our experienced staff thinks these pests will come back, we will schedule a return date and time and treat them again. Six Brothers Pest Control is here for Henderson and here for your family.