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Six Brothers Pest Control sees that spring is just around the corner. Everything starts to wake up after the snow melts and the weather starts getting warmer. Most of the wildlife have their babies in spring. Trees start budding, and flowers push themselves up out of the ground. With all these happy events going on, the last thing you want to think about is the pests. They, too, are waking up, laying their eggs, and tending to their young.

Pests are getting ready to do what they do best, pester homeowners and businesses. Each year Six Brothers Pest Control business picks up dramatically in the spring. Ants, roaches, spiders, wasps, hornets are all on our to-do list.

We want to give our customers several suggestions to discourage pests from entering your property and into your home.

  • Check the outside of your home: Are their trees, branches, or bushes close to your house or building. Cut them back. Could pests be using those plants as a welcome mat to your home? Have birds built nests in or near your business?  They have to feed their babies. Are they bringing unwanted insects in? As you open your windows, do any of the screens have holes or tears where insects can get in? Where are your dumpsters? Are they too close to your building? If you can’t move them, clean them, so they are not a free for all for ants and cockroaches.
  • Examine your home or business inside: If there are cracks in the walls, get them repaired. A small crack in the plaster can lead to big problems later. How well are you taking care of the leftover food? Put all leftovers in pest and rodent-proof containers. Pick up pet food off the floor. If you are still unsure about how pests are getting in call Six Brother’s Pest Control.
  • Check the plumbing: If you have leaky pipes, your home is an open invitation to carpenter bees and ants. Both of these insects are attracted to damp spaces and wet wood. Check under the kitchen sink and around the toilet and tub. Make sure everything is dry.
  • Roaches and Ants: If you have one, there a good chance the other is not far behind. Both species need water, and a food source; kitchens provide both. Clean your drains, don’t let anything build up in the pipes. If you have a constant problem with clogged drains, call in a plumber. Don’t leave piles of trash or clothes on the floor. It is enabling these pests to find places to hide.
  • Mice: Are you finding rodent droppings on your kitchen counters, in your cabinets? Are you discovering torn up cloth or tissues in dark corners? Mice are setting up housekeeping. Mousetraps are dangerous and can break fingers. A pet or a toddler could eat mouse bait.

Despite all their natural predators and humans’ efforts to get rid of them, they are still plentiful. One female mouse can have as many as 50 babies in one year. Mice reach sexual maturity at 6 weeks after birth. Do the math. Be vigilant in storing food properly. Keep food off the floor, including pet food. Empty trash cans often and keep them clean. Pick up candy and food wrappers; that’s an enticement. Move trash cans away from the house and don’t leave food out for wild animals.

Six Brother’s Pest Control is happy to come out to your home or business and remove pests.  Prevention is key; our technicians can give suggestions for the prevention of just about any pest. We consider ourselves contributors to the health and well-being of the communities we serve. Six Brother’s Pest Control wants everyone to know we are here to help.