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Ants show up at a picnic; no one is astonished. A gardener finds them among the flowers, no big deal. When they are found in homes, kitchens, beds, and food, we start to get annoyed.

Six Brother’s Pest Control  has and is working with homeowners to remove ants from houses across Henderson. Ants are not the worst pests that could invade your home but, they still need to be removed.

Ants have been around longer than human beings; even the bible talks about them. They are the most abundant insects in the world. Entomologists estimate there is a quadrillion (fifteen zeros) living on the planet. Yikes!

Ants are nature’s garbage disposals. What insect shows up on a dead carcass? Ants. Picnic trash was left in the park. Ants show up for a feast. Flies are present too in these places to lay eggs. No qualms; the ants will eat the fly’s eggs too. Any mess made by another animal; the ants will clean it up. Six Brother’s Pest Control understands ants are beneficial in the environment but not in your house

Ant Control Henderson NV



These crawling trash collectors actually are a major player in our planet’s ecological health. Ants loosen the soil for the roots of plants to expand and receive more rain. They help pollinate flowers and plants. In short: they clean up the messes we make.

Of all the ants that inhabit Henderson, five are the most prevalent.

  1. Pavement Ants:  As their name implies, they come up out of the cracks in driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and homes’ foundations. These ants don’t significantly damage their surroundings, but if your area has extreme weather changes that cause the pavement to crack and crumble, you will have pavement ants.
  2. Odorous Ants: These ants appear to be your common garden variety ant, that is, until they are stepped on. Odorous Ants are just that, odorous. Let alone they won’t do much harm, stepping on one releases the odor for which they are named. Most homeowners describe the smell as rotting coconuts.
  3. Red Imported Fire Ants:  Their name indicates how they arrived. These ants hitched a ride on something from South America. Venom is a key part of these ant’s existence. They use the venom to catch their prey and for the defense of the colony. The venom is a cocktail of toxic proteins and can be life-threatening for people sensitive to its effects. Of the five common ants in Henderson, this is both dangerous and destructive. Cattle owners find these threatening to their herd. The stings can bring down a young calf and can ravage grazing fields.
  4. Carpenter Ants: These insects are attracted to wet and rotting wood. They are essential to forests, destroying rotting wood and returning it to the soil. But they do the same thing to all types of wood. Most homes are built with wooden structures. If there is a flood or wood anywhere in your home is damaged by water, you will have carpenter ants. If you see one of these ants, there are hundreds more you don’t. This is the time to call Six Brother’s Pest Control.
  5. Little Black Ants:  These invaders arrive because of improper storage of food. They pose no harm to humans except being a pest. They are attracted to damp areas or sources of water. If food is left out, dropped on the floor, or not stored properly ants will find it. These ants are looking for the basics when choosing a nesting site. Food and water are all they need to set up housekeeping.

Six Brother’ Pest Control is at the ready to help with household pests. Regardless of the pest, our technicians will come to your home at a time that is right for you. We will determine what pest or pests you have, assess the infestation, and suggest a treatment plan. Six Brother’s Pest Control wants to make you feel comfortable in your home. Consider us partners in a healthy home.