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Unless you choose to live on an obscure glacier, as a home owner eventually you will have to deal with a variety of animals who are attracted to the comfortable set up you have. There are insects, and a variety of rodents that may lay siege to your home and health.

But fear not, these are simple problems and there are solutions that will control the invaders and keep you and your property safe from attack. Here are the best everyday pest control tips from this Pest Control in Edinburgh.



You can keep your home completely free of ants by making a simple concoction of sugar and borax in a jar. Punch some holes in the top of the jar and you will be able to sprinkle this mixture freely all over the house and yard wherever ants are likely to attempt and entry. The ants will be attracted to the sugar and the borax will finish the elimination.

Borax is also a great way to eliminate cockroaches from the kitchen and bathroom cabinets with a small box of borax, just be sure you don’t place this somewhere kids or pets could be affected.

If you have a potentially venomous insect flying through your home and you are afraid to attack for fear it will sting, you can immobilize the tough guy with a little bit of hairspray.



If you have a problem with fleas, be sure to do a thorough vacuuming before you spray and throw away the dust liner from the vacuum it is full of flea eggs.

Mosquito populations will thrive in pools of standing water. Make sure the bird bath is cleaned every few days to keep the mosquito populations in your home to a minimum.

Centipedes are in your home because they are hunting other bugs. If you have found a centipede in your home, you probably have a population of other creatures there as well.

Carpenter ants will come to your home if they have a nice supply of wet wood where they can set up shop. Check you pipes, faucets, window sills and roofing to make sure there is no moisture damage entering your home.

You can tell when a termite colony is attacking your home by the type of damage they leave. Termites prefer the softer bits of wood and tend to eat around the annual rings.

If you live in an apartment complex, you will find the effort of each individual resident I very important to the building as a whole. Insect populations don’t care about property rules and will move from place to place. If the situation does get out of control, the entire building may need to be treated.



To attract rats a piece of raw bacon or a peanut butter is the best bait. You will need to secure it be sure that the mouse will actually have to tug at the trigger to gt to the bait.

If you have a problem with rodents setting up their warm house in your chimney or attic, you can try to keep them way by rubbing some smelly oils of mustard around their chosen hideout. This could be as offensive to you as it is to them, so after they leave, be sure to cover their chosen entrance with a sturdy wire mesh. This way you won’t have to repeat the process.

To keep rodents from entering your home, you will need to discover their entry points and seal them off. Some rodents only need a space ¼ of an inch thick to squeeze in and out so be extra thorough in this task.

For anything that you can’t (or don’t want to) handle, Six Brothers Pest Control can help.

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