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Each year Six Brother’s Pest Control is called to come to a home or business in Springville because of ants. Most ants outside of structures quietly go about their tasks without notice. It’s when they get inside buildings and homes that the trouble starts.

Finding ants on food, in piles of laundry, or even in bed with you is nothing short of aggravating. A first reaction is to grab the bug spray and fire away. The trouble is spraying only kills the ones you can see. Besides, splattering that stuff all over floors and surfaces is dangerous for the family and pets. There is a nest somewhere around the house that can’t be seen.

This is when Six Brother’s Pest Control can really help. Ants are a common problem, in Springville and Six Brothers Pest Control knows how to treat them.

In Springville, a great number of ants exist; below are the most common in the area.

  • Carpenter Ants:  In forests, these insects are a welcomed sight in your home, not so much. Out in nature, carpenter ants take care of everything that is rotting. Fallen trees are their favorite haunt. They nest around moist and decaying wood. In homes, they are attracted to the wood around leaking pipes and sinks. Homeowners discover them in the kitchen and bathroom. Six Brother’s Pest Control will tell you the best way to avoid carpenter ants is to fix all your leaking plumbing.
  • Pavement Ants: as their name indicates, these ants make their way through fractures in concrete. Most of the time, they are seen on and in driveways, sidewalks, and cement steps. They are not particularly destructive, but they are annoying. Each nest has several queens enabling them to increase their numbers in a short period of time.
  • Harvester Ants: their name says it all. They collect vegetation from around the opening of the nest and use it for food. They are particularly irritating to homeowners who take pride in their lawns. Harvester ants leave large bare spaces in lawns and gardens. That, however, is not the worst of it. They sting too.
  • Field Ants: These ants are called field ants because they prefer to nest outdoors. You won’t find this ant in your pantry or bathroom. They leave obvious signs of their presence by the mounds of soil where they have been excavating. These ants are another annoyance for garden and lawn lovers. They may not be attracted to the inside of your home; nevertheless, those mounds of soil end up in fields, meadows, gardens, and lawns. Too many nests can destroy a lawn.
  • Velvety Tree Ants: Often mistaken for carpenter ants, these ants are tree dwellers. Just as carpenter ants are drawn to moist or rotting wood, so are the Velvety Tree Ants. Frequently found in high openings in trees, their nests are difficult to get to and eliminate. Many pest control experts mistake the velvety tree ant for the carpenter ant. The best way to prevent these ants is to remove dead or dying trees and pick up fallen branches.

Ant Picture

Six Brother’s Pest Control understands ants in Springville. We take the time to identify the species of ants and their distinct behavior. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the inside of your home, looking for domains ants might find attractive. We will then examine the outside of your home, garden, and lawn, discovering evidence of their existence. After a complete and careful analysis of your property, we will discuss a strategy for eliminating the pest. Six Brother’s Pest Control experts will brief homeowners about our procedures and the materials we use. Six Brother’s Pest Control understands how bothersome pests can be. You want them gone and gone now. Depend on Six Brother’s Pest Control to eliminate the pests in your home or office.