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Ant Control Springville Utah

When ants start to get into your home, you may find that you need ant control in Springville, UT. There are a few methods of ant control that you can do on your own that will sometimes work to completely eliminate the ants and keep them away. Other times, the ant infestation may get so bad that you need to consider professional ant control. Our team at Six Brothers Pest Control is here to help, no matter how bad the infestation, or what type of ant is in your home! We would love to be your families local pest control experts.

How Do Ants Get Into My Home?

Before you get started with ant control in your home, it is important to understand how the ants are getting there in the first place. Once the ants are able to find a good source of food, they may continue to come back into your home, either eating the food there or taking it to go.

Ants are small enough to get through some of the smaller cracks and crevices in your home so sometimes it is hard to keep them out. Proper upkeep and maintenance of your home and fixing up any of the cracks that you do find around windows and doorframes and other parts of the home will help you to keep the ants away.

Food is the most common thing that will attract ants to your home. If you leave a lot of food around the home and do not pick it up well, or you let the garbage pile up near your home, then this is going to attract the ants to come in. Sometimes in the summer it is almost impossible to get the food cleaned up fast enough, but try to keep on top of this as much as possible to avoid an ant infestation.

Moisture is another thing that will attract ants over to your home. Large puddles of water, especially those that stick around and are not cleaned up well, can bring the ants in droves to your home. Any sticky messes or anything else that should be picked up can be a way that the ants will come marching into your home.

If you have found that there are ants making their way into your home, then it is time to consider your options for ant control in Springville, UT. You can do some of the ant control on your own but there are times when you may need to get more tools and consider hiring the professionals. Whether the infestation problem is not fixed by other means or you just do not have the time to deal with the ants on your own, an ant removal specialist is the perfect option for you.

Ant Control Springville UT

How to Control Ants in Springville, Utah

If you only notice a few ants in your home, it may be possible to do ant control on your own. This can save you some time and hassle and can make sure the ants stay away. Some of the ways that you can remove the ants out of your home include:

Keep Food Picked Up

Your first goal is to make sure you put away all food and sweep often. While it is not a necessity to keep your home perfect, if you frequently leave food out too long or do not clean up sticky messes around the kitchen, ants will be attracted right through the door. Put food away when you are done with it and take the trash out as soon as the bag gets full. Consider leaving the trash cans a little bit from the home to keep the ants away.

Liquid Detergent and Glass Cleaner

If you combine some basic glass cleaner with some dish soap and spray it around the outside of your home, you can prevent ants from entering your home. You should spray this in an area where the ants seem to congregate to hide the pheromone trail so they do not know where to go again.

Hand Soap

You may be able to use something as simple as hand soap for ant control around your home. Any kind of soapy water is able to remove the scent the ants leave behind. You can use it at the entry points of your home along with any ant trails.

When these methods do not work, it is time to call in professional ant control in your area. They will provide you with the right expertise and tools to finally kick those ants out and make your home free from pests again.

Should I Consider Professional Ant Control in Springville, UT?

While there are some situations where doing the control of ants on your own, there are also times when you will need to consider calling in the professionals. They are the big guns when it comes to pest control in your home. If you have tried some of the other methods above and the ants still keep coming back, or you notice there ae large ant colonies all around your home, it is time to call in a professional to help you control all of the ants and keep your home safe.

When the ants start to get into your home, it is important to hire the right team to help you through it all. At Six Brother’s Pest Control, we are ready to serve you and your family by providing the best ant control in Springville, UT. No matter how big or small the infestation, or even what type of ant you are dealing with, our professionals are here to help you out. Contact us today to get started!

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