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Each year without fail Six Brothers Pest Control receives the most calls about five varieties of pests.  We have different avenues of treating each of them.  These pests do not discriminate, they will infest the cleanest home in town or a home that doesn’t own a vacuum or a broom.

These are the five pests Six Brother’s Pest Control receives the most calls about treatment:

Cockroaches: These insects have been around for thousands of years.  Their adaptability to the environment has made them incredibly successful.  Every chemical to kill them is sprayed, there are always a few that survive.  Those few produce roaches that are immune to the insecticide; then scientists have to start again trying to find a new effective chemical compound to get rid of roaches.  Many homeowners believe cockroaches are just a pest.  They carry diseases and parasites.  Their feces and the exco-skeletons they shed can cause serious allergic reactions and asthma attacks in children.

Ants:  These are a true pest. Their success the past 100 million years is due to corporation within their communities.  Every ant has a job and unlike human kind, no one complains.  They are attracted to damp dark places where food is plentiful.  Their favorite place, is the kitchen.  Six Brother’s Pest Control encourages its customers to sweep up after every meal.  Don’t leave food out and only keep pet food out as long as necessary. Most ants are attracted to sugar and anything sweet will be the first on their list to investigate.

Rodents: After finding rodent dropping you know you have an infestation.  Mice cause more damage than home and business owners realize.  These rodents chew through electrical wires, causing a fire.  It seems impossible having to call the fire department because of a mouse.  Mice tear up paper, clothing and furniture using the material for nests.  They chew up drywall and get into insulation.  When one dies behind a wall it creates a vile odor.  Everything a mouse walks over, it picks up germs and diseases.  They will contaminate your surfaces and food.

Spiders: For the most part spiders in the environment are beneficial.  They catch and eat all the bugs we don’t want around.  Even in homes and businesses they can prove valuable. But, if your home has numerous black widow spiders, and brown recluse spiders then you have a problem. Although deaths from either of these arachnids is rare, they still pose a danger to little ones.  Six Brother’s Pest Control technicians aren’t afraid of spiders.  They are cautious around them and want to remove them from your home or office.  Our staff has studied these spiders and know where they like to hide.  They will take care of them and if you see another one, we will come back and retreat them at no charge to you.

Bed Bugs:  Many people thought bed bugs were a thing of the past.
With people traveling the world bed bugs hitch a ride almost anywhere.  They get into suitcases, back packs, sleeping bags and dirty laundry.  If you bring home used furniture or beds you may be giving bed bugs an open invitation.  These insects can go months without eating.  Although they don’t spread disease, they do leave itchy red welts on people’s skin.  Bed bugs can survive extreme temperature changes and most of insecticide commonly used by do-it-yourselfers are not effective.  Bed bugs are best treated by Six Brother’s Pest Control.

Each area of the country has its pest problems.  Six Brother’s Pest Control makes it their business to know what insects, arachnids and rodents occupy our area of the country.  If you think you have a pest problem, call Six Brother’s Pest Control and let us take care of your pests.