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Wasp Control Henderson NV

No one likes getting stung.  If you have a wasp’s nest on or near your property, your first thought is, get rid of it. As soon as a nest is detected, it is imperative the property owner call wasp control.  Henderson has one of the most experienced companies to take care of wasps, Six Brothers Pest Control.

As residents of Nevada, our climate is conducive to year-round visits from these troublesome insects. If you have children who play outside frequently, your concerns are valid and wasp control is imparitive.

According to the CDC, there is an average of 62 deaths a year from bees, wasps, and hornets.  Although death from these stings is infrequent, most parents don’t want to take a chance.  Get wasp control.

Types of Wasps in Henderson NV

There are over 4,000 species of wasps in the United States.  Below are the most commonly found in Nevada.

Yellowjackets:  This species is the most recognizable.  Their black and yellow bodies are a trademark of their arrival.  They usually make an appearance in late winter or early spring.  Enjoying a drink outside during this time of year is when these wasps generally get interested.  Their enthusiasm isn’t with you; it’s what you are consuming.  During this time of year, natural sources of food usually fade, and they are hungry.  They can be seen buzzing around trash cans, rotting food, and any location that provides something for them to eat.  Swatting doesn’t seem to detour them, occasionally it will make them angrier, and they will take that anger out on what is swinging at them.  Yellowjackets are masters of avoiding getting hit.  However, unless provoked, they will very rarely sting.

Mud Daubers: These insects are rarely seen away from water when constructing their nests.  They are called mud daubers considering these wasps need mud to make their nursery.  Usually showing up when lawns are being watered or just after a good soaking rain, they generally mind their own business.  Trying to build a place to raise their young, mud daubers won’t bother anyone.  Even when approached, they usually fly away. Parents need to remember; children like to play in the mud too.  The trouble starts when they construct a nest in nearby trees, in garages, or under eaves.

Paper wasps:  In North America alone, there are more than 300 different species of paper wasps.  Coming in an array of colors, they have been cataloged with brown, yellow, or red exoskeletons.  They are easily identified by the umbrella-shaped nests they build.  Nests are generally small and appear in doorways and under overhangs.  It amazes entomologists and exterminators alike that paper wasps build in high traffic areas.  Paper wasps are another species that are generally docile, but if they feel threatened, they will attack.

Bald Faced Hornets:  These insects are the best reason for wasp control. They are called a variety of names, bald-faced hornet, bald hornet, white-faced hornet, black jacket, white-tailed hornet, spruce wasp, black jacket, and bull wasp.  Even with all these obnoxious names, this species is a yellowjacket wasp, by scientific terms, not a real hornet.  These are nasty customers.  Their way of handling intruders is to not only sting but spray the same venom on to their victims.  Although their aim is still a subject of debate, it is thought that they spray their infiltrators’ eyes.  Bald Faced Hornets leave little doubt as to their presence.  The nests are built high off the ground and can be as large as 24″ across and 18″ long.  Engineers are amazed at the design and efficiency of their nests.  These wasps build only what is needed to raise the next generation.

Wasp Control Henderson NV

The Good news About Wasps

Many had wondered what Mother Nature was thinking when she created wasps.  One must admit with all their negatives; there has to be positive.  Yes, there is.  Wasps are beneficial to plant life in general.  They eat the insects that harm our garden flowers and shrubs.  A favorite of the Bald Faced Hornets is horse flies and deer flies.  If a horsefly has ever bitten you, you can take solace that there is something just as vicious after them.

Don’t try this at home.

Attempting to get rid of a wasp’s nest on your own is not a wise decision.  Some sprays can soak a nest from a distance.  It may sound like a reasonable solution but, consider the consequences.  You start spraying, and there are a few wasps that escape your aim.  Who are they going to come after?

 One can always try the fire approach.  Are you a firefighter?  There are so many situations where this technique can go south in a hurry.  Not to mention you will be the brunt of a lot of jokes, being the one who tried to get rid of a wasp’s nests and burnt your house down.  Control wasps with expert help.

Please leave it to the Professionals.

Six Brothers Pest Control in Henderson has trained professionals who know how to rid your property of wasps.

What we do: Wasp Control is our business

  • We work in a multi-faceted manner.
  • Upon our arrival, we assess your property, document our discovery, and ascertain the best course of action.
  • We let homeowners know about wasp’s behavior and recommend preventions, for instance, moving a trash receptacle further from the house.
  • Administer the necessary treatments
  • Eliminate the nest if possible
  • Recommend quarterly inspections of the property

The general rule with wasps is, for everyone you see, there are many you don’t.  Wasps aren’t mean; they are trying to protect their young.  However, if protecting their family means attacking yours, it’s time to take the necessary steps to remove them.

Calling Six Brothers Pest Control is your wisest and safest way to remove dangerous and unwanted pests.  All of our technicians are highly trained and will control wasps quickly and safely removing them from your home or business.  We take your problem and get rid of it.



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