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Six Brothers Pest Control enjoys being in St. George. Our staff and their families enjoy all the perks of living here. The citizens of St. George have worked hard to make their city and neighborhoods welcoming for new friends and businesses.

Zion National Park is a big draw for tourists. The beauty of this canyon is famous around the world. For the kids, the Dinosaur Discovery Site and St. Georges Children’s Museum, both will keep children’s attention for hours. For history buffs, the Little Black Mountains Petroglyphs holds clues to the people of the past. If hiking is your thing, the trails are peaceful and plentiful.

Six Brothers Pest Control sees this city’s beauty and wants to be a part of it. We feel our job is to keep St. George healthy and happy by getting rid of unwanted pests.

Each year Six Brothers Pest Control is called out to help a local homeowner or business get rid of pests. The calls we get the most, fortunately, are the pests we know the most about.

  • Cockroaches: These insects have been around since before the dinosaurs. Unfortunately, they survived the dinosaurs and have adapted to nearly every environment on earth. That is the key to their survival and longevity.  Roaches are responsible for spreading many diseases, staph, food poisoning, diarrhea, and strep. They crawl over food, animal waste, and garbage, carrying the bacteria of everything they touch. Roaches have survived because with each new chemical used to kill them, a few become resistant to it. Six Brothers Pest Control keeps up to date on the latest information on roaches.
  • Spiders: Not all spiders bite. Granted, many of them are scary looking, and humans automatically think to step on them. Most spiders found in homes are beneficial to the environment. They eat the pests that really are a threat to our health. Their webs catch mosquitoes and cockroaches, along with flies and ants. If a few spiders are found in your home, let them go about their business. They will kill the pests we don’t want.
  • Ants: Of all the calls, Six Brothers Pest Control gets ants are by far the biggest problem for homeowners. The logical reaction is to spray them. But that only kills the ones you see. Sprays and ant bait are not healthy and could harm children and animals. Finding the nest is the key to getting rid of them. Our experienced techs know where to search for ants and their nest. That’s where they will start the treatment. Ants are a common problem, and let Six Brothers Pest Control take that problem away.
  • Wasps and Hornets: These insects are nasty. They inflict painful stings and, in a few instances, send people to the hospital. Undisturbed, they will go about their occupation of pollinating flowers and eating the insects that are detrimental to the environment. If they think their nest is under attack, they will sting the guilty party. Our staff is experienced in the removal of wasp and hornet’s nest. They will take the nest away from your property without anyone getting hurt.
  • Carpenter Bees: These bees are beneficial to forests and fields. When a tree falls, they turn the wood into soil. They are attracted to damp or moist wood. If you have leaks anywhere in your house, kitchens and baths are their favorite places; they will find that wood and start destroying it. Millions of dollars of damage are done by these insects every year. We can help eliminate them from your home or business.

Six Brothers Pest Control wants all property owners to know that not all pests are dangerous. All pests are unwanted. Regardless of the pest, we will come and remove it with little disruption. We pride ourselves on being quick and thorough.