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Do you understand how to find a solution for pests that affect your home or business? If not, we are a top pest control company with years of experience in the industry.

Rodent Control

The first line of defense against rodent infestation is to protect your home. According to a rodent control specialist in Orem, young rodents can go through holes of less than 1 cm, so it is important to seal all the spaces they can enter. It is important not to attract them with food. Store food in sealed containers and clean regularly under kitchens and appliances in order to prevent pantry pests as well. Always keep garbage cans closed.

Cockroach Control

Sometimes a professional treatment is the only solution to eliminate cockroaches from a home or business. Specialized services performed by professionals can guarantee a long-term solution and reduce the risk of a re-infestation if the prevention advice given by Rentokil after the treatment is put into practice. For a business, the presence of cockroaches represents a real threat of contamination and damage to products and stored goods, and to the reputation of the brand. In addition, the health risks associated with this plague also represent a serious problem for businesses. Hire a professional pest control company because their deep knowledge of pests allows them to develop personalized treatments for specific cockroach problems, which helps to solve problems much more efficiently and quickly.

Strategies to Scare Away Birds

While we typically don’t offer bird control, the best way to avoid the presence of birds is to remove their source of food and nests, however in urban areas this can be very difficult to achieve. 

If the birds are colonizing, there are a series of measures that you can try:

  • Prevent access to nests by placing different types of barriers.
  • Restrict access to any food source. 
  • Always ensure that garbage containers are closed, do not leave garbage bags outside. Seagulls, for example, can break into them easily.

Fly Control

A professional service to eliminate flies is the most effective way to guarantee the complete elimination of the pest. Professional’s service for pest control is based on the ERDM concept to ensure its complete protection against fly pests in the long term, and consists of the following:

  • Exclusion: Protection of doors, windows, openings in the roof, etc., in order to prevent flies from entering.
  • Restriction: Implementation of cleaning tips and order to eliminate possible fly breeding sites.
  • Destruction: Putting into action the correct treatment to eliminate flies
  • Monitoring: Inspection and monitoring during regular visits.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are insects that are always near places where there is water with little circulation, it can be rainwater or water from natural sources such as rivers, ponds, lakes, etc. Therefore, treatments to eliminate mosquitoes are more frequent in areas near water sources. In this section, special mention should be made of the treatments that are carried out in large urban areas, riverbeds or marshes. This is essential for the treatment to be effective because they can travel long distances in the search of food and water.


Good technicians, no matter what pest control companies they work for, have been trained to perform treatments to control and prevent pests in any facility, regardless of the level of infestation.

Benefits of pest control services:

  • Quick response
  • Qualified technicians
  • Thorough inspections for pest activity
  • Specific treatments
  • Safe services for your family
  • Scientifically-proven solutions
  • Pest prevention tips

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