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Moths can be a real pain in the neck! The first place we usually try to prevent them from coming in is the wardrobe because of the sheer amount of the damage they can inflict on your hand-picked garments.

Rarely do we think about getting rid of moths in the kitchen or the closet. Until we see them flying around, that is. Or in other words – when they become a problem. Not to worry – Six Brothers Pest Control is here to help you prevent the nuisance or remove it altogether.

How to Prevent Moths in the Kitchen

To get rid of moths in kitchen pantries and food storage areas, you need to perform two simple moves:

  • First, you need to throw away all infested food and other natural products such as paper and pet food, for example. As moths feed on them and use them to nest, this will help greatly in your fight against the nasty bugs. Clean off all pantries in the kitchen and don’t leave anything behind – just because you don’t see signs of infestation in that particular cabinet, doesn’t mean it isn’t in a beginning stage; Better to be safe than sorry in this case;
  • Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to go through all pantries, drawers, shelves, and cabinets. Clean all cracks and corners thoroughly and dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag to prevent the moths from appearing again.

It’s normal to see a moth or two flying about for up to three weeks. If you observe any more after this period, it means that there’s an infested food source which you haven’t cleared out. You’ll need to identify that source in order to stop the infestation.

How to Prevent Moths in the Kitchen

“They say prevention is the best cure and in this case it’s spot on”, tells us Alexander Crawley – entomology consultant for Fantastic Pest Control (Australia). “Don’t use insecticides in food storage areas. They have a minimum effect which won’t even last long”, warns us the expert.

Moths hide and lay eggs in cracks and food packages as well, and once the effect of the repellent is gone, the infestation will return with full power. Not to mention how dangerous to your health those insecticides can be. But do not despair – you can still prevent an infestation.

  • Store the food in airtight containers (preferably glass, metal, or heavy plastic ones) and check them regularly for any signs of infestation such as larvae and webbing;
  • Wipe your pantries regularly and if you spill something, make sure to clear it up right away. Bear in mind that cleaning with heavy chemicals will not help you much in preventing an infestation, so you better save your effort (and money too)

How to Get Rid of Moths in Your Closet

Moths are generally separated in two categories – pantry moths and closet moths. To get rid of moth infestation in your closet you will need to follow a similar process:

  • Collect all fur and textile from the affected area and put them in plastic bags to contain the infestation. Launder all infected clothes and then launder the uninfected ones as well, just in case;
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your closet inside and out, and don’t forget the cracks where moths love to hide;
  • Place a natural repellent inside the closet to protect your clothes at all times. Lavender works miracles and has a nice aroma, so you don’t need to worry about the smell of your clothes.

However, you should beware of using pesticides or pesticide-based products on your own, especially in your home. If you’re desperate and you need more time to get a pest control expert in your area to help you fast, seek advice from websites like Pestions and get professional advice on what product to use and how. Some think that venting the property should be enough after the use of such products but truth is, such substances could be absorbed from various fabrics and thus reach your skin or even affect your pets.

Final Remarks

To get rid of moths in your kitchen will not happen in a night. Go effectively get moths out of your home you’ll have to arm yourself with persistence and will.

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