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Silverfish can definitely seem scary because of their strange appearance and odd movements, but are they dangerous? Luckily, silverfish are not considered dangerous to humans or pets. They do not bite or sting, they are not poisonous to pets, and they do not carry any pathogens that cause disease. While this is reassuring news, it is important to note that silverfish can cause other problems for homeowners. The following are some of the most common.



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Damage to Personal Belongings

The most common complaint about silverfish is that they damage household possessions. This is due to their voracious appetite for starches and other carbohydrates. Anything in your home that is made out of starch or a cellulose material can be a potential target. This might include: paper, magazines, wallpaper, books and book bindings, fabrics, cardboard, carpets, and curtains. Silverfish damage may take the appearance of many small holes and chew marks, or it may appear as yellow stains from their secretions.


Food Contamination

Since silverfish love sugar and starches, pantry food that is not stored correctly is a major attractant. They can easily eat through paper or cardboard packaging, which can ruin large quantities of food and be costly.


Attract Other Pests

While silverfish aren’t dangerous themselves, they happen to be a favorite food of other bigger and more unpleasant creatures. A silverfish infestation is likely to attract pests like centipedes, carpet beetles, earwigs, and brown-recluse spiders. Preventing silverfish will also prevent many other pests.


Allergies and Asthma

Allergies or asthma from silverfish are extremely rare, but some individuals may be affected by them. Since silverfish molt many times as they grow to adulthood, shed skins along with fecal matter, and dead silverfish body parts can get into the air and cause some difficulties for sensitive populations.


Charleston Silverfish Control

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