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If you are currently suffering from the effects of carpet beetles or if you are simply trying to avoid them in the future, we have everything you need to know. Carpet beetles are small insects that like to feast on natural fibers and animal products within your house. Although they are not dangerous, they can cause damage to carpet, clothing, and other fabrics and can contaminate food supplies. The following are answers to some of the questions you may have regarding carpet beetles.


What do carpet beetles look like?

There are several different species of carpet beetles, but the two main ones found in our area are black carpet beetles and varied carpet beetles. Both species have a round or domed shape with 6 legs and wings. They average about ⅛ to 3/16 inches in length. Black carpet beetles are shiny black in color with brown legs, while varied carpet beetles are black with mottled coloring that may include white, brown, and yellow. Carpet beetle larvae can grow up to 5/16 inches and are light brown or black with a carrot-like shape that has long hairs at the narrow end. 


carpet beetle

By AJC1 [CC BY-SA 2.0 (] via Flickr


Where do carpet beetles live?

Carpet beetles actually prefer to live in forests and woodland areas. They are very attracted to lights, so they will invade homes if they are nearby. Once they get inside, they will lay their eggs in dark, undisturbed areas near food sources or where lint and dust collects. Areas where they often are found include: carpets, pantries, beds, baseboards, closets, and clothing storage areas. 


What do carpet beetles eat?

Adult carpet beetles eat things like nectar and pollen. It is the larvae that you really need to watch out for. When the eggs hatch the larvae will feed on things like carpets, rugs, fur, clothing, wool, feathers, and more. They can chew holes in your household possessions, causing damage and frustration.


How do you prevent carpet beetles?

The best way to prevent carpet beetles is to seal the exterior of your home to prevent entry, and then try to keep your home as clean as possible. Vacuum and dust regularly, and try to avoid food and sweat stains on upholstery and fabrics. 


How do you get rid of carpet beetles in your home?

If you are struggling with carpet beetles in the Kansas City area, call Six Brothers Pest Control. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and tools necessary to find and exterminate carpet beetles, all while keeping your family safe and comfortable. And best of all, our pest control services come with a satisfaction guarantee. For Kansas City pest control, you can trust Six Brothers to get the job done right!


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