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Six Brother’s Pest Control in Orem, Utah, has a lot of experience with wasps.  They are nothing to fool around with.  Some who have been stung by wasps say it is equivalent to getting hit with a baseball bat.  The pain of a wasp’s sting is one thing but, anaphylactic shock because of a sting is dangerous.

If left alone, wasps go about their business building their nests and tending to their young.  However, if they feel threatened, they will attack.  Worse yet, wasps always carry their weapons with them.  Humans don’t have that advantage.

Six Brother’s Pest Control in Orem, Utah, has some guidelines for handling wasps.  First, if a nest is high in tree branches and wasps aren’t hovering over anyone, leave them alone.

Wasps at a construction site can slow everyone down.  If workers are worried about getting stung, progress slows to a crawl.  Contact a pest control company to get rid of the nest.

Don’t swat at wasps.  Once they feel threatened, they give off a pheromone warning the other insects that there is danger.  You will just be inviting more trouble.

Any nest attached to a home needs to be removed.  As a wasp’s nest grows, wasps may eat holes in walls and make their way into a home.  Call Six Brother’s Pest Control in Orem, Utah and have them get rid of it.

Several conditions around your home can attract wasps.  They like sweet things.  Soda, candy, or flowers with nectar will attract them.  Wasps eat insects, if there are an abundance of insects around your home, that convenient food supply will be advantageous to raising young.

There are several ways to deter wasps from building a nest near your property.  First, pick up all trash.  Secondly, wash trash cans inside and out and always put the lids back on.  Get rid of water sources.  Wasps need water just like any living creature.  If you get rid of the standing water, the wasps will move on.

When you call Six Brother’s Pest Control in Orem, Utah, our technicians will arrive and determine what kind of wasp you have.   Once that is established, we will devise a plan to remove the nest.  Our techs will recommend whether you, your family, and your pets can remain in your home or leave during the treatment.  If we feel that wasps may make their way into your house, our technicians will treat the inside of the home as well.

We will explain what we are going to do and what products and equipment we will be using.  Once the wasp’s nest is removed, our techs will let you know when it is safe for your family and pets to return home.

If you are in an area where wasps are abundant, we may recommend additional treatments.

With many customers, one of the first questions is, ‘How much will this cost?’  Although each situation is different, we can tell you that we are family-owned and operated.  We do not charge the exorbitant fees that the nationwide companies have.  Because we are locally owned, we understand the area and know what pests arrive and when.  Six Brother’s Pest Control in Orem, Utah, knows which products and tools are best suited for our area.   We train our technicians to do things right the first time and always concentrate on the customer and the task at hand.

Most of the ‘big companies are made up of franchises.  The franchises take their direction from the home office, and most of their profits wind up there too.  The franchises are told which products and tools to use regardless of what the pest is. They are too money-focused and not customer-focused.

Six Brother’s Pest Control in Orem, Utah, is proud to be a contributing member of Orem and the surrounding neighborhoods.  We have grown by word of mouth and our reputation for excellent service.  Our staff understands how scary and upsetting pests can be, and we always try to put our customers at ease while we take care of the problem.

Our office is conveniently located, and we are never too far away.  If you suspect your home or business has pests, contact us, and we will take care of the problem.