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When spring comes, the queen wasps become active. As the weather starts changing and the temperature starts shifting towards the warmer side, wasps start working on their new nests, and by the time it’s summer, they already have up to 300 new eggs every day. On average, there are about 5000 adult wasps who are working on the nest structure.

Some Interesting Facts About Wasps

Here are some facts about wasps that you should know –

  • Wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets are very closely related to each other, and in Utah, they all fall under the social wasp family.
  • Whenever the wasps feel that they are under threat, they can sting you repeatedly, and unlike a bumblebee, they won’t die after stinging.
  • Social wasps are usually predatory creatures, and they predate on other insects. Thus, they are a natural form of insect control in one sense, but they can create quite the nuisance and harm when present near humans.
  • There are over 30,000 species of wasps that have been identified all over the world.
  • In winters, wasps cannot survive, but the only kind that does are the young fertilized queens. In the beginning, the queen lays almost a dozen eggs. Eventually, these eggs form the larvae, and the queen feeds them. When the larvae grow up, they become workers.

What Are the Types of Wasps Found in Orem, Utah?

Now, let us have a look at some of the common types of wasps that are found in Orem, Utah, with its constantly changing weather –

  • Tarantula Hawk – These are somewhat bluish-black in color and measure around 2 inches in length. The wings of these wasps are quite characteristic because of their bright orange color. If you are wondering why they are referred to as tarantula hawks, well, they predate on tarantula spiders. The male tarantula hawks are not stingers, but the females are.
  • Paper Wasp – You will find four different types of paper wasps in Utah. However, the Western paper wasp is the most common one, and it is also a dominant species in the area. The worker paper wasps have a length usually of half an inch, and the queen paper wasp of three-quarters of an inch. People often confuse these insects with yellowjackets. They mostly predate on caterpillars.
  • Hornets – The most common type of hornet that you will find in Orem, Utah, is the baldfaced hornet, but apart from this, there are three other types as well. They are usually found in corners of homes or other structures and even on trees. You might even think that they are made of paper; such is their appearance. They do not sting so easily, but if they feel threatened, they might sting. They are also sweet cravers, and so they feed on some fruit trees along with other small insects.
  • Yellowjacket – Among the different yellowjacket species found in the Orem area in Utah, the Wester yellowjacket is the most common one. In general, they have big bodies and have a very stout build. Since they do not have any hairs on their bodies and usually have a very aggressive attitude, it is easier to identify them and not confuse them with bees. They are often referred to as ‘scavengers’ and for a good reason. They are known to eat anything from garbage to dead insects.

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How to Keep Wasps Away?

People who reside in Orem, Utah, often complain of wasps in the neighborhood. They nest almost in every tree, and their painful stings are often the cause of fear. If you find even one wasp in your yard, it is likely that they have nested somewhere near because they usually travel in groups. But there are some things that you can do to keep wasps away –

  • Always keep an eye out in your yard and around your house where there is a possibility for wasps to build their nests. For example, the roofing is often a common choice for wasps or even the sealing alongside the windows. Check the trees in your yard as well. If the nest is small, you might miss it if you do not look closely. So, be extremely cautious. Call for pest control services if you notice a nest before it becomes too big and created a lot of fuss.
  • If you had pest control remove a wasp nest and notice them building a nest once again in that area, you could try putting up a light in that corner. It has been noticed that lights often prevent the re-building of nests by wasps.
  • Make sure all the soffits have been covered, or any area where a wasp nest was previously present has been sealed off properly.
  • If your yard has a lot of exposed garbage, you will be more likely to face a wasp problem. So, make sure all the garbage bins near your house or yard have been sealed properly.

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