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Orem Pest Control

In 2010 Forbes rated it the 5th best place to raise a family causing Orem to use the slogan “Family City USA.” The city is filled with city parks. With so much to do outside, you don’t want to return home with your family infested with pests. Check out some of the pests you may find in your property and consider whether you want to handle them on your own or hire a pest control in Orem.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants prefer to nest in dead and damp wood. They create passageways through wood and provide access to nest areas known as galleries. If found Indoors, they nest in areas like doors, window sills, walls and anywhere they find wood. Despite being attracted to wood, they do not eat wood like termites. Carpenter ants simply hollow wooden materials in buildings One way to find their nesting area the presence of frass or ant droppings that look like refined sawdust on the floor. 

Here are some ways to remove the ants from your home. Baiting can be used on carpenter ant trails. Non-Repellent sprays can be used along with baits as a perimeter treatment. Lastly treating voids with foam or dust in voids or galleries where the carpenter ants are nesting.


There are different kinds of termites like drywood, dampwood, formosan and subterranean. In Utah, subterranean termite is the primary threat to homeowners. They build their colonies underground where there is moisture to survive. They construct mud tubes, pencil thin tunnels of soil, salvia and their feces, from the ground to reach the wood they infest. Cracks in concrete walls, crawl spaces and foundations are common locations for them to enter a home. They eat only damaged softwood. They are responsible for structural damage, ruining walls, attics, and stairs to name a few areas.  

Common treatment against termites homeowners can use are termite baits, spray insecticide, and granules. Place whichever treatment you choose around the exterior of your house to eliminate the pests. 


A very common pest that can be found in gardens and lawns. They are small creatures with a soft body in a pear shape with long legs and antenna.They vary in different colors (light green, pink, black, etc.). When in a large infestation, they devour plants, turning them yellow and ripped apart.

Some of the control methods to use against aphids to have present beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings. Grow plants like mint, chives and garlic due to their scents that aphids find unpleasant. Dust plants with flour as it constipates them. Apply Neem oil, insecticidal soaps, or horticultural oils in your garden as they are effective against aphids. 

Six Brothers Pest Control

The Orem Pest Control that you need to consider is Six Brothers Pest Control. If you are dealing with carpenter ants, termites aphids or any other kind of pests, you can be confident that we will secure your home with safe and effective products to return your home the way it was, a place for your family to feel comfortable and relaxed. We are a pest control with a guarantee and an emphasis on quality and reliability.  

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