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We're a Family Company Through and Through

We value relationships, honesty, and working hard for what you want. That's what our parents taught us and intend to pass these values on.
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We are six brothers that all work together to bring you the best pest control service in Kansas City. In the 1990's we got into the pest control industry and have never looked back. We were always close as a family and wanted to stay that way, so pest control was a great way to work together to create a service that people want-- and NEED.

Our Goal is to Make Your Day

When people call us about a pest problem, their day is probably not going very well. Whether it's ants, spiders, or termites, we want to make sure that changes by the time we leave. We want to put a smile on your face and not have to worry about pest infestations.

We Know the Industry Inside and Out

With decades of on-the-job training, there aren't many things that we haven't seen. In fact, we boast that there has never been an infestation that we couldn't handle.
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Six Brothers Pest Control

We're here to protect you and your family from biting, stinging, and annoying insects and pests that want nothing more than to get into your home and stay there.
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