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Pest Control St. George Utah

Utah’s Dixie, a name which came from failed cotton farms in the area, is the largest city in the Beehive State outside the Provo/Salt Lake City/Ogden area. St. George is also one of the most ecologically diverse communities in Utah. Situated near the Arizona border, St. George straddles the Mojave Desert, Great Basin, and Colorado Plateau.

This diversity makes St. George a very pretty town. It also creates significant pest infestation issues. Bugs and other pests from three different parts of the country descend on the homes and businesses of St. George. Invasions of this magnitude usually call for strong measures, which is why you need Six Brothers Pest Control. Our measures are effective, but they do not put pets or people at risk.

Take a look at the intro video for St. George.

Why Choose Six Brothere Pest Control

Fighting pest infestations in St. George requires a great deal of regional expertise. This area is almost completely unlike any other one. So, the pest control playbook that many national companies use might not be effective here. Six Brothers is locally owned and operated. Thus, we have the flexibility to respond to your unique needs.

Our approach is versatile, but our results are uniform. After just one treatment, we eliminate the visible signs of an infestation. Completely eliminating the problem takes more than one treatment, but we have the determination to see things through to the end.

These methods allow us to guarantee our services and our results. Our service begins with a conversation. The evidence you’ve seen usually dictates our response. Rodents are a good example. If you’ve only seen droppings, you probably have a mild infestation. Chewed items, like furniture or walls, indicates a more serious infestation. If you have seen or heard them, you most likely have a serious infestation.

The bottom line is that when we come to your home or business, we know what to expect, and we are ready to get to work.

We also offer a results guarantee. Let’s stay with the rodents example. If you have a moderate or severe infestation, one treatment will dot eradicate these pests. However, one treatment should eliminate the visible signs of an infestation. The few that survive are too scared or sick to venture far from their nests. If they are deprived of food, they will probably leave. Once that happens, we know how to prevent them from returning. More on that below.

Our Other Services

The multiple geographic zones of St. George usually means that homes and businesses struggle with different kinds of pest infestations. We have already looked at one of the more common ones. Some others include:


Spider Control

Spiders and ants seem to be the biggest threat in the immediate area. These seem to come the quickest and with the most numbers  There aren’t many things scarier than being surprised by a big spider, and there’s not much that looks worse than webs all over your home. Ants move in quick before you know it there are thousands making a colony way too close to home. We have your back and will take care of both pests!


Ant Control

One of our most common spring visitors, ants come into an area looking for food, and once they find it, watch out. They’ll set up a trail that their friends and family can find all leading back to your house. They come out of nowhere. Depending on the species, using a random spray you buy at the store may actually exacerbate the problem and make the colony break into smaller satellite colonies that are even harder to get rid of. If this sounds like you, St George ant control is only a call away! We can help get rid of the worry and the problem.


Scorpion Control

You may already have the habit of shaking out your shoes whenever you put them on, but sometimes this isn’t enough to be safe from the painful stings of scorpions. Your family deserves to have a scorpion-free home.


Bed Bug Control

You may share your bed with your kids or pets, but not with bugs! If you wake up with itchy little red marks on your skin, you may have bed bug bites. If this is happening make sure to call a local St. George pest control company. Bed bugs like to set up shop in your mattress. Once you have them, they are hard to get rid of. Make sure you call a local bed bug exterminator as soon as possible.  



Cockroaches carry almost as much disease and filth as rodents. Also like rodents, roaches hide in dark, concealed areas and breed rapidly. However, unlike rodents, these hearty insects are quite difficult to kill. At Six Brothers Pest Control, we are up to the test.


Wasp Nest Removal

Having pests isn’t just an annoyance, sometimes it can be painful or life threatening! Especially if you have children or pets, wasps come out of nowhere and it seems like they always aim for your  head. Every year these pesky creatures build new homes all over your backyard. Let us know if you have a small shed or play set that needs to be treated, we’re happy to do that for you as well as part of our home pest control service.

Our goals are simple. We aim to identify the problem, address it, and leave. This simple and straightforward approach gives you additional peace of mind during an unsettling time.

Residential Pest Control in St. Geroge

Our residential treatments focus on the inside, outside, and pest entrances. Only by addressing all three areas can we successfully remove an infestation. Since we know pest habits so well, we use a targeted approach in all three areas. For example, we know how different kinds of pests get into your home. So, we focus on these specific areas. We do not just spray large areas and hope for the best.

Follow-up treatments are important as well. Our technicians surround your home with an invisible chemical barrier. This barrier, which is your first line of defense, must stay strong. Otherwise, relentless pests will probably find a weak spot.

Commercial Pest Control in St. Geroge Utah

These follow-up treatments are also important for our commercial customers. Unless we keep pests from returning, your customers will probably go elsewhere. They will probably also leave negative online reviews. The combination of these things could wreck even the most profitable businesses.

We are very sensitive to the needs of small businesses in the St. George area. A pest control vehicle in a parking lot might scare away almost as many customers as rodent droppings in a parking lot. Therefore, we offer alternative treatment schedules. These alternative schedules do not affect our service and results guarantees.

For many commercial customers, especially food service businesses, there are other things at stake as well. Local regulators have nothing better to do than harass businesses. We go the extra mile in these situations. We do not just eliminate the pest problem. We also interface with local agencies and provide things like proof of treatment when needed.

If you see pests, count on us to get rid of them.