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Six Brother’s Pest Control has been a member of Henderson’s community for some time. Our company considers Henderson home. We take pride in helping the area keeping homes and families happy and healthy.

Henderson resides just a few miles southeast of the Las Vegas strip. Many residents consider this city to be a good place to raise children.

Henderson sprung up in WWII for its rich magnesium deposits around the area. Magnesium was used to make bullet casings and aircraft engines. After the war, the mineral was no longer needed, and the town was vacated. It took some time, but Henderson finally found other uses for its magnesium, and the town flourished again.

Far away from the lights and action of Las Vegas, Henderson has amazing ways to have fun without losing money. Six Brother’s Pest Control has few suggestions for your enjoyment.

  1. Cowabunga Bay Water Park: If the kids are getting restless and the pool no longer has its allure, head for Cowabunga Bay. There are no boring days here. This park enjoys 23 waterslides, lots of activities for younger children, and delicious food for those who forgot to pack a lunch. If the kids can play on their own, Moms and Dads can have a relaxing day in the shade. You will have a tough time pulling everyone from this activity.
  2. Chuck Wagon Dinner and Show: Finally, a family-friendly event. Four siblings, lots of music, and delicious food await guests at the Firelight Barn. Every member of the family will enjoy this high energy show.
  3. Lion Habitat Ranch: This is another family-friendly activity that gives visitors a close-up look at lions. Believe it or not, kids can feed the lion cubs. Lions aren’t the only animals at the park. Giraffes, exotic birds, tortoises, and so much more are available for children and adults alike. For those who want an up close and personal experience, there are options to take a private tour before the Habitat opens.
  4. The District at Green Valley Ranch: Shop-a-holics Unite! This grouping of artisan stores is a gold mine of unique gifts. If someone in your group needs a little downtime, there are places to eat, rest, and refresh while gathering a few souvenirs for friends and family at home.
  5. Emerald Cave Kayaking Tour: Are you ready for something different? This is a Kayaking tour through Emerald Cave on the Colorado River. If you have never been kayaking, no worries, safety instructions and paddling techniques are provided for newbies—no rapids on this excursion, just calm waters, and wonderful natural sites to see.

Fun at the Park

The city of Henderson is home to so many different activities; fun is just around the corner. Six Brother’s Pest Control considers themselves an important part of a thriving community. Our services keep homes free from all varieties of pests.

We treat for:

Six Brothers Pest Control believes each pest requires a different approach to treatment. Our technicians will arrive at your home at a time that is convenient for you. Tell us what you have seen and where. Then our staff will inspect your home both inside and out for any signs of an infestation. Before Six Brother’s Pest Control begins treatment, we will discuss with you our strategy. We will explain the methods, the products and the safety of our products. Depending on what type of infestation you have, we may take a multi-step approach to rid your house of pests. Our company is a firm believer in the team approach to keeping your home safe. We will suggest some proactive steps the homeowner can take to prevent the pests from coming back.

Life has enough worries without stressing over pests. Allow Six Brothers Pest Control to take care of the pests and give you a healthy home.