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As the weather cools down, you may start to stumble upon snakes. Spring and fall provide the perfect conditions for snakes to be out in the open. Since snakes are cold-blooded creatures, they rely on ambient heat to control their body temperature. This means that during the hot summer, they often stay hidden away in cool places, but come fall, they come out to soak up the last rays of warm sun. It can be quite startling to stumble on a snake. While the vast majority of snakes are harmless, we do have some dangerous varieties of snakes in our area. Any time you are dealing with snakes, you should be vigilant about safety. Here are some things you can do this fall to keep your property free from snakes and ensure that you and your family are protected.



Keep Your Rodent Population Under Control

Snakes love to eat rodents, small reptiles, and birds. If your property has a rodent problem, chances are high that it may also attract snakes. One of the best ways to deter snakes is to reduce the rodent population. You can do this by trapping them or using a rodenticide. Eliminating brush and debris from your yard is one of the best ways to avoid rodent problems.

Take Care Around Snake Habitat

Any time you are going into areas where there is a high potential for snakes, it is best to be on the lookout. Snakes prefer areas that are damp, cool, and protected. This could be in wooded areas, along streams, under porches, or in crawl spaces. Snakes can also be found under wood piles, under cars, and perhaps even sunning themselves on rocks in cooler weather.

Remain on the Beaten Path

If you are going for walks or hikes in the early fall, avoid going through areas of thick brush, and instead stay on maintained paths. Not only will you encounter less snakes, but if you do stumble upon one, you will have more warning because you will be able to see them easier.

Avoid Excess Moisture

Excess moisture attracts many different types of animals to your yard, including frogs, birds, and rodents. These animals will then attract snakes. Check outdoor faucets and pipes to ensure that there are no leaks. Also make sure that there is no standing water around. Things like buckets, wheelbarrows, and various kinds of debris can collect water from rain storms and attract unwanted creatures.

Seal Gaps Under Doors or Decks

Lastly, as with most pests, one of the key things you can do is to seal the exterior of your home and sheds. Walk around your home checking for any holes, gaps, or cracks and make sure to seal them up. With snakes, it is also helpful to put screens around porches so that they can not get under them. With a little work, you can help prevent snakes from getting into structures on your property.


We understand that snakes are scary for a lot of people. At Six Brothers Pest Control, we want you to feel safe and confident in your own home. We have trained professionals that can remove unwanted snakes and help you prevent future ones. Give us a call today to find out more about our snake treatments.


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