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Fleas create a nuisance and are very common in St. George, Utah. Some people think that they can get fleas only if they have pets, but this is a common misconception. You might have a flea problem even if your previous homeowners had pets on the property or if stray animals often come onto your property. The biggest concern among people when they have fleas is their nasty bites. If you get flea bites, they will itch very badly even though they are not painful. If you are seeing fleas give Six Brothers a call today, we woud love to be your local St. George pest control expert!

How Will You Know That You Have a Flea Problem?

The first step to controlling a fleas infestation is identifying them and then calling for professional help. If you don’t know how they look or what signs you should look for, we will help you out. Throughout history, fleas have been known to cause several diseases and plagues.

  • Know When the Flea Season Is – If you want to determine whether you have fleas in the house or not, you first have to determine when the flea season is. Fleas are most predominant during the summer months when the temperatures are at their peak, but you should also keep in mind that these pesky creatures can be problematic all throughout the year. If you want to safeguard your home and your pets from them, then taking the right measures is necessary.
  • Checking for Fleas on Your Pet – If you notice that your pet is scratching itself with a certain urgency and is doing it more frequently than usual, then it would be best to check them for fleas. One of the easiest ways to do it is to use a flea comb. Use the comb gently on the fur and separate the furs so that you can perform a thorough inspection. If you don’t have an idea of what you are looking for, just keep in mind that you have to spot anything that looks like dark specks. Fleas can be reddish, black, or brown in color. If you spot anything in these colors and, more importantly, if you see that it is moving, then you have found a flea! These creatures are minute and measure one-eighth of an inch. Another surprising quality of fleas is that they can jump very high and cover long distances – they even have six legs! Thus, even if you found only a couple of fleas, you should never underestimate them. Do you know how many eggs a female flea can lay in a day? The answer is 50! So, do you see where the problem lies? Even if you have one flea, they can multiply quickly into dozens.
  • Check for Flea Dirt – When you examine your pets, you should search for moving blac specks and stagnant ones. This is because black specs that do not move often represent flea dirt or more commonly known as flea feces. For better identification, you can also use tissue paper to pick up some of the flea dirt. You can confirm that they are flea dirt if they convert into a reddish-brown color after coming in contact with dirt.
  • Look for Flea Bites – Another very common sign of having fleas in your house is a flea bite. When there is a flea infestation, they are not only going to bite your pets, but they are also going to bite you. A flea bite often causes irritation and leads to redness of the skin. Some of the common areas on a pet’s body that have flea bites are ears, neck, hindquarters, and belly. If you have toddlers in the house, look for bites on their bodies as well. Toddlers are also easily targeted by fleas because they are closer to the ground, and you will usually find them playing on the carpet or crawling on the floor.
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Will Fleas Disappear on Their Own?

One of the most common questions that homeowners have is whether fleas will ever go away on their own or do you need to resort to special treatment. Well, it is in the nature of fleas that if they find a suitable host, they are not going to leave the body of that host until they die. And even if they are somehow dislodged, they will keep looking for another host. When the flea lays eggs, they will fall off from the body of the host and onto the different surfaces of your house and carpets. The larvae slowly develop into adult fleas, and then these adults now search for host bodies to settle in. In this way, the cycle keeps going on and on. The length of the life cycle can be somewhere between 2 weeks to 8 months. But one thing is for sure – the fleas will never go away on their own once they enter your house. You need to take the help of professional pest control services so that their life cycle can be broken and the infestation can be brought under control.

How to Prevent Fleas?

Nobody wants fleas in their house, so the best thing that you can do is follow some simple steps to prevent fleas from entering in the first place. So, something that you should keep in mind is that these fleas mostly enter your house through pets or other animals. You must vacuum your house from time to time and keep pet bedding clean. If you take your pets out for regular walks, you need to keep in mind that pets can easily pick up fleas from outside. When you bring them back to the house, use a flea comb to check fleas’ presence.

Even if you notice one or two fleas, don’t delay and call Six Brothers Pest Control at once before the problem goes out of hand. We offer safe and effective services for flea control in St. George, Utah. Our team will check for fleas species present in your house and then perform the targeted treatment to ensure complete control of the situation. It can be tricky to try controlling the infestation on your own, so don’t waste time and call us today!

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