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Flea Control Springville Utah

Fleas are tiny pests that cause harm in a big way. They are harmful to both humans and pets like cats and dogs. As such, getting a flea infestation under control is an urgent matter. That’s why we are going to take a look at how residents of Springville, Utah can control and prevent flea infestations in their homes. If you are currently seeing fleas inf you home Six Brothers Pest Control would love to help, let us be your local Springville pest control professional!

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are minuscule, wingless insects that can jump quite high. Fleas feast on blood, be it human or animal. They feed by causing small bits on the skin of the host. They suck the blood and move on. They excrete part of the ingested blood, which is then used to produce their larvae. Pest control specialists can use “flea dirt,” or discarded blood, to identify possible flea infestations. Veterinarians commonly identify fleas hiding within an animal’s fur.

Fleas are quite harmful to both animals and humans. In pets, they can cause discomfort (persistent scratching), dermatological conditions such as allergies, anemia, and even tapeworm disease (fatal in cats and dogs.)

In humans, fleas can cause severe allergic reactions, particularly in the skin. Additionally, fleabites can lead to infection. In the worst of cases, fleas can plant their eggs within a bite. Fleabites often blister causing significant discomfort. Fleas can transmit tapeworm infection, particularly in children. They can also cause a fever known as typhus. If untreated, it can be severe, even fatal.

Fleas generally live outside. In the Springville, Utah area, they thrive during the spring and summer months. They generally get in the home by way of pets. Flea eggs can lay dormant during winter and hatch when the weather warms. Stray animals can also bring fleas into the home. For example, stray cats or other wildlife roaming in a backyard can infest household pets.

Types of Fleas

There are various types of fleas found in Springville, Utah. These species vary according to the host they attach to.

  • Bird fleas. They commonly attach to various bird species. Wild birds can fly into backyards and drop them on lawns and trees.
  • Cat fleas. These fleas jump from cat to cat. They attach to cat fur and may reproduce within the fur itself.
  • Dog fleas. They are just like cat fleas. They are generally bigger in size, so they are somewhat easier to spot.
  • Human fleas. Human fleas don’t generally live in human hair. However, they can hide out in bedding and clothing.

Fleas love to hide out in clutter. In particular, basements and attics are their preferred hiding places. Also, shaggy carpeting, shoes, and upholstery can house fleas. They may also hide out near pet dishes waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting pet.

Flea Control Springville Utah

How to Control Fleas in Springville, Utah

Getting rid of fleas requires quick action and regular maintenance. Here are the most effective tips you can implement to control fleas in Springville, Utah:

  1. Use a high-powered vacuum. Fleas like to hide in carpeting, bedding, and upholstery. Thus, a powerful vacuum can suck the little critters from their hiding spot. In particular, pet bedding is critical. If you suspect pet bedding is infected, it’s best to discard it immediately.
  2. Use a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners deliver powerful blasts of heat. This often kills larvae. Soap also does a number on fleas. Pay close attention to pet bedding and shaggy carpeting.
  3. Thorough wash bedding. If you suspect that an infestation is severe, discard infested bedding. However, do not burn. This will only spread fleas even more.
  4. Spray with a household insecticide. Call Six Brothers Pest Control to use insecticides that will help control fleas!
  5. Take your pets to the vet. Pets are the place to be for fleas. As such, regular check-ups with a vet can help prevent further infestations.
  6. Regularly mow the lawn. Fleas like to nest in tall grass.

When to Seek a Flea Control Expert in Springville, Utah

At Six Brothers, we take fleas very seriously. Fleas can spread diseases in people and pets. As such, they are harmful critters. If you suspect a serious infestation, reach out to a flea control expert. Our specialized flea service includes a thorough assessment of your property. We can tailor a plan to help you get rid of fleas on your property. We service the Springville, Utah area with our knowledge and expertise in flea control. Call us at 801-428-8389 or contact us at info@sixbrotherspestcontrol.com to learn more about flea control in Springville, Utah. One of our qualified experts will be glad to assist you.

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