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In the Midwest, we have a lot of spiders. The vast majority of these spiders are not a threat to humans. In fact, spiders eat many insects that are major nuisances including: mosquitoes, flies, and moths. Even with all their value, most people still do not want spiders in their homes. Let’s look at five tips and tricks that can help you eliminate spiders from your home.

1. Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Having a regular cleaning schedule is vital in the effort to keep spiders out of your home. Dusting and vacuuming regularly can eliminate the eggs and nymphs that might otherwise result in rapid population growth. As you are cleaning your home, remove any webs that you may find in corners, thus eliminating the spider’s shelter and hopefully their desire to stay. To remove spider webs, you can use a vacuum with a hose extension or lift it away with a broom.



2. Seal the Outside of Your Home

Keeping spiders out of your home in the first place is one of the most effective methods of spider control. According to Averse Pest Control, a pest control in Boise, spiders can crawl through cracks as narrow as the width of a penny, so it is incredibly important to seal all possible entrances into your home. Use a silicone caulk to fill any cracks or gaps on the outside of your home. Check your window screens to ensure that they fit snugly and there are not any holes or tears. Fix or replace any problems that you find. One of the most difficult places to seal is around doors. Check the weatherstripping along the side of the door. The door should fit securely, and there should not be any gaps. Door sweeps can also be a great way to prevent unwanted insects. Replace your door sweep if you find that it does not fit tightly.

3. Clear Away Clutter

Piles of clutter, both in your home and in your yard, will attract spiders. Leaves, grass, wood piles, and other containers are particularly enticing to spiders. By eliminating these things from your yard, you are decreasing their habitat and making it way less likely that they will hang around. Likewise, clutter indoors can create the same problem. Keeping your home neat and tidy is an excellent way to reduce the spider population.

4. Replace Outdoor Lighting

Insects of all kinds are attracted to lights, and spiders are attracted to insects. Spiders eat many of the things that you find buzzing around your outdoor lights, so one helpful hint to get rid of the spiders is to get rid of the outdoor lights. This isn’t always completely possible for convenience and safety reasons. If you need a light near your door, try replacing the bulb with a yellow, orange, or pink bulb. These colors attract insects significantly less than a bright white bulb. Another idea would be to move the light away from directly in front of the door or at least point it facing away to keep insects and spiders from entering your home as easily.

5. Try Organic Methods of Spider Control

There are also many natural methods for spider control. Peppermint is known to deter insects and spiders because of its potent smell. Try using 5-10 drops of peppermint essential oil in a 16 oz spray bottle filled with water. Use this mixture to spray entryways, including doors and windows, thus creating a barrier around your home. Reapply every few days as needed. This same principle also works with lemon. You can spray diluted lemon juice in the same way, and the smell will help keep the spiders away.

Sometimes, these tips and tricks are not enough. When you need professional help with spider control, don’t hesitate to give Six Brothers Pest Control a call. We are your Kansas City Spider Control experts. We pride ourselves on taking great care of your home and family. Guaranteed!

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