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This post is from one of our friends in Arizona who specializes in termite control and treatments.

The Arizona desert is home to some of the deserts most fierce insects. Scorpions, tarantulas, praying mantis, ants, and termites. When buying or building a home in Arizona you want to take precautionary measures to ensure that you’re that your not building on a property infested with termites, nor do you want to purchase a home that has already fell victim to termite damage. Termite prevention is important for protecting your real estate investment, here are some tips to help you keep your property free of termites. For additional resources regarding termite control in Phoenix, you can visit State ran websites where they provide the necessary contact information needed to find professional help.

With new construction in Arizona, it is recommended that you invest in a Basaltic Termite Barrier. The barrier is set up below the home and provide a barrier that prevents termites from entering the home from beneath the property. If you have the option during construction to upgrade to pressurized woods, brick and block foundation, or termite resistant heartwoods, then you should highly consider this as an option for termite prevention in new construction. Obviously, if you are purchasing a home that’s been built already, these options are exempt and alternative termite prevention options should be considered.

Before a bank lends you money, a home inspection will be required prior to the loan approval. During that inspection, termite damage should identified as well as any signs of a termite infestation. The signs are obvious, and a professional home appraiser will be able to identify these signs and advise you as needed. After purchasing the home, with or without termite damage, you will want to do everything you can to prevent them from investing for the first time, or returning if they have been there before. So what are some of the most effective steps for termite control in Arizona? The first thing you can do to prevent termites from entering your home is to dig around the perimeter of the home and remove any soil that may be in contact with the wood siding around the home. Also, remove clutter and debris like wood stacks, fallen tree branches, and cardboard from around the home. Trim trees that may be hanging over the rooftop or touching the wood trim of the home. Gutter spouts should drain a few feet from the property to avoid overly moist soils.

If you think you might have a termite problem already, you will want to investigate further before taking action. There are some things to look for when trying to identify the presence of termites. Termites leave patterns in wood, trees, siding, wood trim, framing, and plywood. If you see these maze-like patterns in any wood structure around the property it’s safe to say that termites are present. You can also identify termites that have to navigate through the sheetrock, they tend to blister the sheetrock and leave what looks like air buckets under the paper. Mud tunnels outside of the home also sign termites are present, if you see these it may be time to call in a termite removal company to address the problem.

In Arizona, the most common termite is the subterranean termite. Surprisingly, in this climate, they thrive in moist conditions. Keeping hose faucets from leaking, drain spouts from draining near the home, and standing water from accumulating around the home. Protecting your real estate investment should be a top priority, subterranean termites can migrate from neighboring properties during swarming season, by removing wood stacks and moisture from the perimeter of the home you can prevent these swarms from making your property their home.

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