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We get called to thousands of houses each year, so we understand almost everything there is to know about bugs. What we don’t know is tested, researched, and found out quickly.

One reason homeowners call us is because of “attic crawlers”. Don’t worry, we’re not referring to zombies.

Attic Crawlers are any bugs that get in through the roof of your home and make their own home in your attic. There’s shade, shelter, and a quick trip to food if they head downstairs.


bad roof will give you more bugs


A bad roof can lead to leaks, costly repairs, and a host of other problems. First off, you need to make sure you have the right roof for your house.

Otherwise, you might get the following in your home.

Spiders- There are a few dangerous spiders here in the area, including the Black Widow. While these shy creatures don’t often show their face, it’s always better if it stays that way!

House Centipedes- Even though they are among the creepiest looking insects on the planet, they are reletively harmless. In fact, they eat other insects. This isn’t a reason to keep them in your house though – Traipsing around the house can lead to the spread of bacteria.



Ants- We’ve all had ants. Once they decide that there’s something worth investigating in your home, they’re extremely hard to get rid of. Even baits and sprays that you can get at the grocery stores usually do nothing to curb the flow of ants.

Mice- Most people don’t know this, but mice can squeeze through cracks that are only 1/4 inch in diameter. If there’s a chink in the armor, they’ll find it!

Roaches- No, just no. You may be okay with seeing an occasional insect, but cockroaches are incredibly bad in homes.

If you’re looking for pest control, Six Brothers Pest Control is here to make sure you’re comfortable in your own home!

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