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Bees are the most important pollinators in the world. Agriculture depends on the work of bees, which makes them critical for the world economy. Despite their importance, most homeowners still don’t want a hive of bees in their yard. Either because they are a safety concern for people with allergies or merely because they are a nuisance, bee removal is often necessary. Let’s take a closer look at bees and learn what to do if you have them in your yard.


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The first thing that must be done is to correctly identify what type of insect you are dealing with so that you can use the proper treatment. Bees are often brown with yellow or black stripes. Unlike wasps, which are very similar in color, bees are more cylindrical and are hairy. This hair is important because it allows pollen to stick to their bodies so that they can transport it back to the hive.

Most species of bees are very social, living in hives that can contain up to 75,000 bees. The queen bee is at the top of the caste system with female worker bees and male drones also present. The queen can live up to 5 years, while the workers who labor continually, last a mere 6 weeks.

Bees flit from plant to plant searching for food, mostly pollens.  In fact, they can travel several miles in a day to find food. When they have collected pollen, bees have a special organ that converts the pollen into honey, which the bees use to feed the hive throughout the winter months.

Painful Stingers

Along with flowers, bees are also attracted to sweet foods like ice cream, fruits, and juices, which bring them into contact with humans. People often fear bees because of their sting. Allergic reactions to bee stings are fairly common, but even if the reaction is not serious or life-threatening, bee stings are still painful. A honey bee can only sting one time because their stingers have barbs at the ends that cause them to become lodged in the victim and pulled from the bee’s body. Bumble bees can sting several times, although they generally are not aggressive and sting only when disturbed.

So, what should you do if you have a bee problem? If bees are hanging around your yard because of leftover food, make sure that your garbage cans are closed and the lids are tight. This simple step can drastically reduce the presence of bees. If, however, you have a hive on your property, it is best to call a bee expert or pest control company. Professionals will be able to identify the type of bee and remove the hive so the bees will be less likely to return. They will also have the proper equipment to do the job safely.

What to do

If you have a bee problem, Six Brothers Pest Control can help. We provide the necessary services so that you can take back your yard and enjoy your summer in the outdoors. We cover the cities of Shawnee, Overland Park, Liberty, and the rest of the greater Kansas City area. Give us a call today!


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