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Bed bug infestations have been increasing over the last several years. The faster you catch an infestation, the less time and money it will take to eliminate it. Time is of the essence, yet many people do not even know how to search for bed bugs in their home. If you are concerned that you may have bed bugs, here is what you need to know.


bed bug


What should you look for?

There are many signs of bed bugs that you should keep an eye open for. They include:

  • Live or dead bed bugs
  • Small red or rust-colored spots of blood on sheets or mattresses
  • Bed Bug excrement that looks like tiny black dots and may bleed into fabric
  • Pale yellow skins from when bed bugs molt
  • Creamy white eggs that look like grains of rice and are approximately 1 mm long


bed bug

Bed bug eggs, shed skins, fecal matter, and different life stages of bed bugs


Where should you look?

Bed bugs feed exclusively on blood. They are attracted to warmth and carbon dioxide produced by sleeping humans, so they are most often found in close proximity to beds or other sleeping areas. Start your search by removing the bedding. Examine the bedding for any of the above signs of bed bugs. Next, inspect the mattress carefully. Pay special attention to the seams and piping around the edges of the mattresses. Using a credit card or other flat, firm object, brush over the mattress and get into all the corners. Lift up the mattress and examine the underside as well.

After you have thoroughly searched the bed, move your search outward into the room. Use a flashlight to search cracks and crevices in the bed frame, around the nightstands, and inside any drawers. If you have upholstered furniture in the room, carefully check all folds and seams. It is also a good idea to turn the furniture over and check where the fabric is attached to the wood.

The last area to check is the perimeter of the room. This would include drapes, dressers, wall hangings, and around baseboards. In a severe infestation, bed bugs can even be living behind electrical outlets and light switch faceplates. If you find signs of bed bugs, continue checking other rooms to see how far the infestation has spread. It is important to isolate areas that have bed bugs from the rest of the house so that you don’t contaminate other areas by moving furniture, clothing, etc. into them.

What should you do if you find bed bugs?

If you find signs of bed bugs, the best thing to do is find a qualified, respected exterminator that can walk you through the process of eliminating the bed bugs. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of, and many DIY bed bug products only work to decrease the population slightly without getting rid of the problem. If you are in need of bed bug exterminator in Dallas, you can trust Six Brothers Pest Control to get the job done right. Six Brothers prides itself on excellent customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today for more information.

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