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Are Box Elder Beetles Dangerous?  Six Brother’s Pest Control can tell you.  In a word, No.  Are they a nuisance, absolutely.

Box Elder Beetles are native insects to the western United States.  Every year without fail, they appear by the thousands feeding on the Box Elder trees to plump up for the winter.

Why are there so many?  They have no predators.  They don’t smell good or taste good, so their numbers increase unchecked.

They do pose a danger to some crops.  The peach orchards are at risk; the skin of the peach is soft and can be easily penetrated by these insects.

If these bugs stayed outside, it wouldn’t be so bad; however, they like to find a warm place to stay during the winter.  That place is usually someone’s house.

Six Brother’s Pest Control in Orem, UT, knows many people will try to get rid of them with dish soap and water.  That’s fine if they only stayed outside.  Soapy water may kill the ones you spray, but there will always be those who are missed.

Once they get inside your home, stepping on them is not recommended.  They will leave a red stain on fabric and carpet that is almost impossible to get out.  Vacuuming them up is the recommended approach to getting rid of them.  Once they are in the vacuum bag, you can burn the vacuum bag to ensure they don’t get out.  Alternatively, you can put the vacuum bag in a plastic trash bag and place the wrapped bag in the freezer.  Eight hours in the freezer is usually enough to kill all of them.

Six Brother’s Pest Control in Orem, UT, has some tips to keeping box elder bugs out of your home.

The bugs you find outside blast with soapy water.  This environmentally friendly formula is quick and safe.  Use the soapy water frequently.

Seal up cracks where these bugs can get inside your home.  Repair gaps in windows, around doors and seal off any cracks in the foundation.

It is not recommended to spray commercial insecticide.  These applications are dangerous to your family and your pets.

The box elder bug adds no real benefits to the environment.  We can be thankful for one thing; they do not spread disease.

Six Brother’s Pest Control in Orem, UT, has a few suggestions on how to handle the annual influx of Box elder bugs.

Have a plan of action.  Pest problems are best handled when you know what to expect.

Contact us and let us know the entirety of the problem.

Set up a time for our technicians to come to your home for an evaluation.

Our techs will go over any place you have seen box elder bugs, homes, garages, sheds, or other outbuildings.

We will develop a plan of how and where our technicians will concentrate their efforts.

Your family and your pet’s safety are a significant focus in our work.  When we can, we use environmentally friendly products and take the safest approach in each application.

Box elder bugs are tenacious by nature.  Depending on your situation, our technicians may recommend additional treatments to deter their return.

Six Brother’s Pest Control in Orem, UT is a local, family-owned, and operated business.   We take pride in being part of the Orem community.  Our operation is customer-focused, and we are always looking for a positive outcome to every pest issue.

Our company isn’t like the big nationwide corporations that charge exorbitant amounts for their services.  Those companies are franchises that report to a home office somewhere other than Utah.  Most of their profits are going to headquarters where all the decisions are made.

When you ask Six Brother’s Pest Control in Orem, UT, to solve your pest problem, we know the pest, and we know the area.  We know how to take care of it.  Depend on us to be there on time, have polite and professional technicians who do their work quickly with the minimum disruption to your home and family.

We love what we do, and it shows in our results.  Pests are gone, and our customers are satisfied.  Call us and find out how our pest control services will keep your pest. problems under control.