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When you start to notice spiders getting into your home, you need to take some quick actions to help take care of this problem and make it go away. There are a few choices you can do to make sure you can remove the spiders from your home. But when you need more help with spider control in Springville, UT, then call in our team from Six Brothers Pest Control. We have the right professionals to help you get rid of those spiders and keep your family safe.

Different Types of Spiders That May Get Into My Home

When you start to see spiders come into your home, it is important to know which type there are. This will help you know whether it is a poisonous spider or not. Some of the different types of spiders that you may find in your home include:

American House Spider

This is a comb-footed spider that is known for its webs. They often find their way into spots like crawl spaces, closets, and basements. They are small to medium and usually do not get bigger than a nickel with an abdomen that is round. Their color is tan or brown. They are often harmless though their webs can be a nuisance.

Long-Bodied Cellar Spider

These are more commonly known as daddy longlegs, though they are not exactly the same. There are two body sections and come with eight eyes. They can build webs in garages, basements, and dark spaces. They are a light brownish-tan, have long legs, and a small and round body. They are not venomous.

Brown Recluse

This spider is part of the brown spider family. They are not usually found in Utah unless they are brought into your home somehow. They are more commonly found in the midweat and the south. They like to spend time between walls, in furniture, and in the basement. They are brown or grey and have a pretty oval body. They also have three pairs of eyes with a dark marking on their body that looks like a violin.

Sac Spiders

These spiders are a little different in that they make webs. They are found high up on walls or near the ceiling. They can be active all throughout the year, but are found at night. They can be light in color, usually beige and yellow, and they have two rows of eight eyes that are pretty small.

Jumping Spiders

These are the spiders that will hunt for their prey during the day. They like to be around any kind of surface that will be in direct daylight and they jump to move around. They have front legs that are longer than the others and some dense hairs. The bite is like being stung by a bee, but they are harmless unless someone in your home is allergic.

Wolf Spiders

These are one of the largest household spiders and can enter through the windows, garage, and foundation cracks. They like to eat insects and have a longer body with some legs that are pretty hairy. They are longer than an inch.

Spider Control

How to Control Spiders in Springville, Utah

There are several options that you can try out on your own to help with spider control in your home. If you determine that the spider is poisonous, you need to avoid it and call in the pest removal specialists. But if it is a non-poisonous spider, you can try out a few of the options below:

Remove the Clutter

The first step is to get rid of all the debris around the home like wood, limbs, branches, and clippings from around your home. If there are any dark and cool areas around your home, clean them up. Spiders love to have these as their new home. Always wear gloves when cleaning these up to make sure you are safe.

Seal Up the Entries

Now it is time to search around and look inside crawl spaces and closets. Your goal is to seal up the crevices and wall cracks that could potentially allow spiders to come in. This makes it harder for spiders to come in.

Set Up Some Glue Traps

After you have finished the other options, you may want to put out some glue mousetraps to help capture the spiders. You just need to put these kinds of traps anywhere that you think a spider is going to enter your home so the spiders will get trapped.

Sometimes you can try all of these methods for spider control and nothing seems to work. This means it is time to contact your local spider control professionals in Springville, UT to help you get those spiders all out of the way. These professionals will come in with all of the tools and expertise that you need to really make the spiders go away without all the hassle.

Choosing Professional Spider Control Services

If you have spiders that are getting into your home and nothing seems to work, it is time to call in professional spider control services in Springville, UT. At Six Brother’s Pest Control, we are here to help with all of your spider and pest needs. Our team has the right tools and equipment to effectively get rid of spiders and other pests, helping you to feel safe in your home. Contact us today to get started.

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