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Kansas City Mosquito Control

Kansas City, Kansas, designated “KCK” to separate it from neighboring Kansas City, Missouri, is a large city with tons of great activities to do. For art lovers, there’s the Kansas Avenue of Murals. A great place to take your family is the Legends Outlet Kansas City where you can learn about 80 of the most well known residents of the city. You can explore the outdoors in Lewis and Clark Park at Kaw Point, a great location for sledding in winter but especially scenic for picnics and night games in the summer. The last thing a vacation during the summer needs is to have activities ruined by an onslaught of biting mosquitoes.

Mosquito Management

When we think of pest control, we normally don’t consider controlling mosquitoes. The only time we think of them is when we’re outside during the summer. As the weather gets warmer and mating season approaches, mosquitoes will leave their natural habitats and begin to search for shelter inside the city. They are attracted by the lights at night and stay to breed near any body of standing water, such as ditches, canals, or even puddles (especially after some rainy days) in the neighborhood. So what kind of mosquito control does Kansas City offer? With a perfect climate for breeding in terms of temperature, humidity, and water availability, here are some things to consider:

Larval Control

To prevent mosquitoes from breeding on your property, homeowners should consider cleaning the debris from rain gutters and any standing water under or around structures like statues or fountains. If you have a flat roof, there is a good chance water has collected, particularly if the roof has levels or sheltered ‘corners’ where debris gets pushed. Examine around outdoor faucets and air conditioner units for leaks or puddles left behind from excess use. Get rid of, or properly clean out, objects like old tires, buckets, bird baths, pet dishes, trash containers and plastic covers. Any amount of standing water can provide a breeding area for mosquito larvae, particularly if it’s in a shaded spot where the sun can’t evaporate it.

Adult Mosquito Control

Before you allow a swarming cloud of mosquitoes on your property, a bug zapper (a glowing electric coil that attracts insects with light and electrocutes them when they land on it) is a great deterrent and is relatively affordable. Adult mosquitoes often choose to rest on weeds and other similar vegetation which means regular and consistent lawn upkeep. Pay particular attention to shaded areas when applying insecticides to lower limbs of shade trees, shrubs and related plants that are near the ground. While total mosquito elimination is not possible, making your property as uninviting as possible minimizes the risk of it becoming a bug Airbnb.

Six Brothers Pest Control

The city might have programs that fog out mosquitoes by the ditches and canals and occasionally by the street, but that doesn’t necessarily keep your home safe. If you are having mosquito problems and you don’t have the time to inspect every possible mosquito hotspot on your property, Six Brothers Pest Control specializes in Kansas City pests, particularly the blood-sucking parasites who don’t wear suits. We provide a quality-service guarantee, excellent customer care, and unmatched safety for children and pets in the chemicals we use to protect your property. For a pest-free home, Six Brothers is the right choice for you.  

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