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If you have pets in the house, you probably already know about fleas and what a nuisance they can be. If noticed early, fleas can be controlled, but the most challenging factor is even one or two fleas in the house can create a huge infestation when left unattended. In the past, fleas have been known to carry deadly diseases too – the infamous bubonic plague! But don’t worry because there are some preventive measures that you can take. We will discuss all of that here, along with some standard information that you should have.  If you are noticing fleas around your home give Six Brother Pest Control a call today!

Flea Facts That You Should Know

  • Fleas are mainly parasitic insects.
  • Before adult female fleas can lay their eggs, they need to feed on blood.
  • Fleas prefer to take shelter on warm-blooded animals like dogs, cats, rats, opossums, and even humans. However, when the rate of infestation is high, you can also find them on your sofas, blankets, and shoes.
  • Fleas can cause anemia in animals like cats and dogs, and they can even play a role in the transfer of tapeworms.
  • Fleas cannot fly, but they can jump really high, sometimes as much as 8-12 inches.
  • To survive, the larvae of fleas need to be present in a humid and warm environment.

How Do Fleas Enter Your Homes?

You keep hearing about such tiny pests that they can easily come inside your home through small gaps and creaks in your walls, but that is not what happens with fleas. We mentioned that they can jump high unlike other insects but do not enter your homes by jumping. However, they definitely make creative use of their jumping talent. They jump onto other animals like your pet or a stray cat or dog, and they come inside riding on these animals. Here are some common ways through which fleas can come into your home irrespective of whether you have a pet or not –

  • Through Pets – The first one is quite obvious – they enter with pets. When you take your pet for a walk in the park every morning, they play around here and there and might catch fleas in the process. A flea might even be present in your front yard. When your pet goes there, the flea jumps onto his body and comes inside. These fleas jump off inside your home and find a suitable place to lay their eggs. This is how the infestation takes root.
  • Through Other Pests – Fleas not only find their hosts in pets like cats and dogs but other furry animals that we consider pests. The most common example is rodents like rats and mice. If one such flea-infested pest comes into your home, it creates an even bigger problem. You stand the chance of getting two pest infestations from one pest.
Flea Control Boise Idaho

Tips for Fleas Prevention

Indeed, fleas are primarily seen in the summer months, but if your pet accidentally brings in a flea in the summer, it can survive the entire winter inside and start reproducing. So, here are some tips that you can follow to prevent the fleas from coming inside your home in the first place –

  • If you have a garden at home, make sure you clean that garden from time to time. Trim the shrubs and the grass. When you trim away long grass, fleas no longer find your yard inviting. Another benefit of this is that stray dogs and cats won’t come to your yard to hide and carry fleas to your yard. Moreover, never keep your pets’ food bowls outside your door because it might invite stray animals and, with them, the chances of fleas.
  • Vacuum your house from time to time. Try to do it at least once a week even if you have a busy lifestyle. Fleas don’t necessarily come in dirty homes. Even the cleanest homes get fleas. Suppose you went for a walk in the park and fleas jumped on your shoes and found their way back into your home. Vaccuuming regularly or at least once a week would ensure that these fleas don’t survive. Remember that fleas can easily survive and breed inside the vacuum bags, too; therefore, you need to change the bags frequently.
  • Bathe your pets following a routine. Pets don’t always love bathing days, but you have to be consistent and follow the routine.
  • Wash pet bedding regularly too. Make sure you wash the bedding in hot water. Fleas from your pets often reside in their bedding. So, if you bather your pet but keep the bedding unclean, you are back to square one.
  • Get a flea comb for your pets. Whenever you come back home from outside, comb your pets. Don’t make the mistake of combing your pets inside. In that case, the fleas will fall on the floors and creep into your home. Always comb them somewhere outside. A very effective method is to dip the comb every time in a bowl of soapy water so that the fleas cannot get away and are drowned in the water.

The saliva of fleas contains a compound that causes an allergic reaction when it comes in contact with your pet’s skin. The same allergic reaction occurs in humans too. This allergy causes inflammation around the affected area and severe itching. In pets, it can cause hair loss too.

Never take fleas lightly; otherwise, you are going to regret it later. They can quickly turn into a nightmare that would take multiple visits to bring under control. We, at Six Brothers Pest Control, offer flea control services in Boise, Idaho. Our team will visit your house and provide a complete inspection. After that, we devise a specially tailored approach to tackle the situation. If needed, we offer multiple visits. To successfully control the infestation, we use a very comprehensive plan to ensure the infestation does not come back. The products and ways we use are completely safe and nature-friendly. If you notice any signs of fleas or suspect that you might have fleas, give us a call on (208) 801-7378, or you can even write to us at info@sixbrotherspestcontrol.com

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