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In the midst of the worst health pandemic in over a century, many businesses have been shut down, health guidelines created, and strict safety measures put into place. Many people may wonder which businesses are essential and why that designation was given. The government has declared pest control an essential business because officials understand the importance of protecting individuals and businesses from potential diseases, food contamination, and structural damages caused by pests. For these reasons, pest control companies all over the country, including Six Brothers Pest Control, continue to work hard to keep your home and business safe.


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Dangers Posed By Pests

Pests like flies, rodents, cockroaches, and more can cause a number of problems if allowed to inhabit homes and businesses unchecked. Some of the problems that pests can cause include the following:



One of the main reasons that pest control is necessary is to protect against the spreading of disease. Rodents, roaches, and flies are known to transmit many different diseases like salmonella, leptospirosis, hantavirus, and various gastrointestinal diseases. These diseases can be transmitted through direct contact with the animal or through contact with it droppings, urine, or nesting materials. Some diseases are also spread through vectors like fleas.


Food Contamination

Pests can eat or contaminate a lot of food in a very short period of time. This can lead to the spread of diseases as mentioned above, but it can also be devastating for the finances of a company or a family’s budget when the food must be thrown out. Pest control is especially important for industries that rely on providing safe food like restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, food processing plants, hotels, and more. 


Physical Damage

If pests are allowed to multiply and live uncontrolled, they can quickly do a lot of damage to buildings. Rodents, for example, will chew through almost anything including walls, insulation, wood, and electrical wires. Many house fires have been caused by rodents. Termites are another pest that can cause significant damage to buildings. In areas of the country where termites are common, it is extremely important to continue to monitor your property, get regular inspections, and follow through with any treatments currently being done. 

Allowing pest control to continue as an essential business helps to prevent these dangers, provides help and support for other essential businesses that are important for the public, and prevents long-term problems that may arise if regular treatments are stopped.


Las Vegas Pest Control

If you are in need of Las Vegas pest control, contact the experts at Six Brothers Pest Control today. We also have offices in Salt Lake City, St. George, and more, to serve you. From ants and roaches to spiders and rodents, you can feel confident in our experienced technicians, friendly staff, and top-quality products. No matter how long the pandemic lasts, we will be on-call to meet your pest control needs. Contact us today for more information.