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You may have heard that roaches only infest homes that are filthy. That is simply not true. While good sanitation can definitely help in cockroach prevention, it does not guarantee a roach-free home. Roaches are indiscriminate and often enter even the cleanest homes. This may lead you to question how the roaches got there in the first place. We have the Las Vegas cockroach control answers and solutions you are looking for.



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Cockroaches are sneaky little critters that can make their way into your home and remain unseen for many weeks until you have a full-blown infestation on your hands. They can enter through a variety of ways, but with a few of these tips, you can head them off.


Cracks and Gaps

Cracks and gaps on the exterior of your home can provide entrance for a number of pests, including roaches. While some roaches are large and may not be able to fit through cracks, one of the most common pest roaches, the German roach, is small and can easily squeeze through openings. This means that it is important to carefully walk around your home and take note of any gaps or openings. For small cracks, you can use caulk to seal it. Larger holes or gaps may require expandable spray foam. Don’t forget about vents and chimneys. These large openings should also be covered using mesh wire or specialized covers that will still allow airflow. Another particularly important place to seal is where pipes enter your home, either through the floor or the walls. Roaches love warm, wet environments, so plumbing and sewers are a favorite hiding place. 


Windows and Doors

After you have sealed the smaller openings, you need to turn your attention to the large ones like windows and doors. It is impossible to keep doors closed all the time, but try to keep them closed as much as possible. This includes garage doors. All the doors should close securely. Gaps between the door and the frame can be sealed using weatherstripping and/or door sweeps. All windows should have an intact screen. If a screen has tears or holes, repair or replace them. Some species of cockroaches can fly and are attracted to lights. If there is a way inside, roaches will find it.


Infested Items

Another method of entry for pests that you might not have ever considered is on infested items. You may unknowingly be bringing roaches into your home. Roaches may hitchhike on things like used furniture, luggage, fresh fruits and vegetables, inside grocery bags, or in cardboard boxes. Don’t be the cause of your roach infestation; instead, make sure that you inspect everything you bring into your home. After you finish with bags and boxes, dispose of them. Clutter not only attracts roaches, but it also makes it difficult to see the beginnings of an infestation. They can also come in when sanitation is an issue. According to Mold Remediation Pros, roaches are twice as likely to come into the home when cleanliness hasn’t been a priority.


Las Vegas Roach Control

Another great way to keep roaches at bay is to pay for regularly scheduled pest control. These quarterly treatments help prevent pests from entering and ensure that help will be available quickly if you notice a problem. We have offices in Orem, Salt Lake City, Saint George, Las Vegas, and Boise. When you choose Six Brothers, you are choosing pest control with a guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with a service, we will come back and make it right. You can trust the experts at Six Brothers. Contact us today for more information.