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No matter where you’re from, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.” The reason this phrase is so common is because bed bugs are so common!

Bed Bugs feed on blood.

This makes them a potential threat, like mosquitoes that feed on the blood of one victim then another, spreading bacteria. There haven’t been cases of diseases being passed from bed bugs, but that doesn’t mean that bite sites can’t get infected or cause allergic reactions. They aren’t classified as a public health concern, more of just a nuisance pest.

Bed Bugs don’t just live in mattresses.

Sometimes they turn up in areas where you would never expect them: picture frames, fire alarm covers, closets, in clothing, and in basements. They have spread so quickly that they are now sometimes seen in movie theaters, churches, and public transportation. They will cling on to anything that is moving and jump off once they reach a good spot. Your house. They are, however specially equipped with flattened, oval bodies which do allow them to squeeze in between mattresses and hide out there.



Bed Bugs don’t have to eat very often.

In fact, bed bugs can survive an entire year without feeding! Sometimes we get grumpy after a few hours without eating! This makes them hard to get rid of; if you aren’t constantly being bitten, you probably won’t realize they’re there and call the exterminators.

You can have bed bugs even if your home is perfectly clean.

There may seem to be a correlation between pests and untidy homes, but remember, insects don’t care if you are a neat person, they only care about food and shelter. A clean home provides those just as much as one that is dirty.

If you need bed bug exterminators, Six Brothers Pest Control has your back. Using the most current practices and methods, bed bugs will be gone from your bed – and home – forever. Give us a call today at (913) 703-7373 for professional and reliable service.

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